FreeStyle strips!

I received one of these cards from below with my freestyle lite meter. I went this morning to pick up my test strips - for 200 test strips I paid only $15. I did of course black out my information :slight_smile:

I wanted to share since I know strips are so expensive and some don't want to test due to the price of test strips even with insurance coverage

I got one too, glad to here it actually worked! is there a way to sign up online or is it only over the phone?

When I received my new meter when my Flash meter was reading 90 points too high - they provided me with a card. My mother called that number on the card and they issued her one as well. Maybe others can do that?

It’s a great program and I, too, enjoy my monthly discounts. :slight_smile: Check out these past discussions about the Promise program:

i found this offer… free strips … Freestyle
Freestyle Discounts