FreeStyle test strip orientation in vial

Does anyone else seem to think that the test strips are packaged backwards in their vials? Whenever I pull one out, I need to first flip it over so I'm holding the other end before I can insert it into the PDM or a test meter. Wouldn't it be better and easier if when you pulled out a strip, you were already holding it so it could immediately be inserted into the PDM? It's really just a little thing, but I was just wondering ...

They are done that way to help keep from getting other skin oils and contaminates on the part of the strip where you put the blood for the test. The other stuff can affect the test, at least according to the FDA...

oh, I guess that at least makes some sense!

I like them the way they are also -- occasionally i have to moisten a fingertip to get a hold of a strip -- and if that moisture was wicked into the area meant for blood, I'd waste a strip.

I stick some in a smaller vial so it fits in my small meter case. They’re all messed up by the time I’m done shuffling them around anyway, lol.

You can manually flip them if desired.As to taking em out I usually try to grab the strip near the center so I can slide it in w/o flipping em around.

If any moisture gets in the tube all the strips would be ruined with sample side down. The several times I ran low on strips I would put the used ones in upside down for reuse later on once they dried past the Err3 results for previously used strip. It is possible to re-use the strips but I haven’t tested it out thoroughly yet testing former low strips after testing normal or elevated, to see if the previous use had any effect once it dried out.

worst strips ever for getting out of the vial, IMO, are the ones for the rechargeable LifeScan meter that I quit using because that and the bad battery life. the battery would always be dead at the most inopportune times. I forget the name of it and am too lazy to go into the other room to find it. I complained to LifeScan that the strips are too hard to handle–too flimsy and hard to pick up due to their thinness.

oh, almost forgot, I also didn’t like the reversed strip orientation of the freestyle.