Friends and Fr-enemies

I have my real friends and the ones who think im their friend when i don’t want anything to do with them. You see, I have this friend who has hurt me more than any other person in the world. She has lied. Made up rumors. Stabbed me in the back. And has just treated me horribly. She even told me once “You know that they are never going to find a cure for diabetes right?” Thats when i went into depression for a few weeks. It was awful. She broke my brothers heart. She has lied to my mom more times than i can count. She lied to my grandmother and told her she was a Christian and loves god and then my friend told me she said she was an Atheist. So she lied about that and mocks my religion. She made up lies about me. She made up lies about my best friends. And has just stepped on everyone. When she would say something that hurt me i would tell her and she would say " i didn’t mean it like that" or “you are just being sensitive” And we would fight. And no matter how right i was and how wrong she was she would always seem to manage to make me feel like its my fault and i would apologize. Then i was labeled by her. She is an awful person. You don’t even know.
The problem is. I can’t stop being her friend. We have gotten into so many fights. and she has hurt me so bad. But when we would be on the verge of not being friends. I would say i was sorry and we would make up. The only reason i do that is because its better to be her friend than be her enemy. If you are her friend. She makes it seem like every things fine when shes constantly hurting your feelings. But you don’t say anything. If you are her enemy, She tells everyone lies about how i’m a B**ch. And i hate everyone and i talk bad about people all the time. Lies stacked upon lies. Plus. Im still friends with her because her boyfriend is one of my best friends. And if i let her go. I lose him. And i don’t want that. So i put up with her.
We used to have so much fun together. No fights. No lies. Just fun, She was my best friend. I finally thought that i had that friendship i have always wanted. But i was wrong. Horribly wrong. And her best friend is also my “friend” and she has put me down alot. Every time i am around her she makes me feel 2 inches tall. And shes one of those people who you can’t just hang out with her. She has spent the night twice and this is what she does :Takes my computer and is on it until we go to sleep. :Calls her dad at 7am to pick her up so by the time i wake up shes gone. What a party person right? Not to mention shes the biggest hypocrite you have ever met.

But at least i know who my REAL friends are.
The ones i can tell anything to and they wont blab it all over the place or judge me.The ones i trust. The ones i Always have a good time with. I would do anything for them. I really would. I really hope they know how much i love them.