Fruit carbs via carb factor

So, when you figure how many carbs are in a banana, using carb factors, do you count the weight of the peel?

Do you count the weight of the pit in a peach?

Do you count the weight of the peel on an orange?

Funny, I never thought of that before… Quite interesting…
Ive always weighed my fruits WITH the peel (like bananas, apples, oranges) and the seed/s (like mango) and count carbs based on that weight. Maybe the only time I dont is if the fruit it served without it…like pineapples, avocado…

How do you factor the ripeness of the fruit and whether it was ripened properly? That can make a difference of a factor of 2-3 times. The peel, the pit, that is noise.

I just use my carb counting book and eat it

Which, the book or the fruit?

We never weigh…just go by size in the book…Calorie King or another carb book…15-20 for average size fruits and usually works for us. Never thought about weight

Only the edible parts , weighing or eyeballing .

Good question!. I don’t eat fruit, but eat a lot of avocadoes & wondered about the huge pit. I’ve been removing the pit before weighing on my EatSmart scale, but leave the skin on. Love the EatSmart! It calculates raw vs. cooked, but not peeled or unpeeled.

I never weigh anything. Just estimate on eyeballing. Medium banana, large banana, small banana. Should check into that EatSmart scale sounds great! and probably more accurate than my eyeballs! :slight_smile:

So, Emmy, what scale do you have? I have the Eat Smart scale, which I love, but it doesn’t give you the peeled or unpeeled option.

Touche. (accent over the e)
Good point. I have wondered this, as well. I just saw someone with a pic on this site of bananas that had carb grams written on the peel. That got me thinking, b/c I don’t count banans and oranges that carefully. I think you are right. Besides, what requires one amount of insulin one day will probably require a different amount the next.

My boyfriend bought me one last year for my birthday, and I love it. I tend to guess carbs, like you, except at dinner time The scale is a gadget that gives him something to do so he can help me manage my diabetes. It makes him feel useful, because you know, men like to help and be needed. Plus, it makes me feel special when he fixes dinner and writes down the carbs, fiber, protein, fat, sodium and potassium for me. (I have kidney issues, so I pay attention to the sodium and potassium I consume, as well as the protein and carbs, so for me that feature is more important). There is a video, like 15 min long, or something, you can watch before you decide to buy it or not.

Actually, to be honest, it has helped me have better control of my nighttime lows.