Weighing food

I was wondering for those of you that weigh food and multiply it by it’s carb factor, where do you find those factors? I have a bunch that I got out of “Think like a pancreas” but is there a good website etc that has a number of carb factors listed?

There are a lot of websites that do. I tend to google each food. I used to you carb-counter.org a lot; it's a good website but it has too many pop ups.

I got this book, "Calorie King" that has a lot of nutrition info, incl. G of carbs in it, when I got my pump. I used that for a while and still occasionally consult it. If it's not in there or if I'm @ home, I use "The Joy of Cooking"

My little book is called "How Much Carb?" It gives the carb and protein count for each food per weight. I think there are quite a few carb counting books around, try Amazon.

In have a book called "nutrient values of some common foods" that is published by Health Canada. I find it very useful. You can probably order it online.

lots of us use the Eatsmart scale. you get a discount if you are a TuDiabetes member. they also pay to advertise here. here's some info on it and probably a link to Manny's video on how to use it


Hi Jen,

I built my own MS Excel spreadsheet using info I downloaded from the Self.com website: http://nutritiondata.self.com/

You can figure out the carb factor quite easily for any food or recipe you have. Simply divide the weight of the carbohydrates (g) by the total weight of the food (g). Don't use ounces for weight, or your calculations will be completely messed up.

For example, 100 g of sliced watermelon contains 8 g of carboydrates. So the resulting carb factor is 0.08 (8 g carbs / 100 g watermelon).

Cheers and good luck,

Thank you for this chart, Mike. Its brilliant and easier to use than my book.