Grrr, sick?

So I've felt like crud lately, even more than usual. There's been a bit of a bug going around the house here, and it seems like it's my turn to deal with it. Used to be no big deal, as such things didn't really bother me at all, but either because I've gotten older (30...) or because I've had this friggin' disease for so long (22 years) even the slightest-seeming bug can turn into more. It may be due to the fact that I am depressed - depression can suppress the immune system. It may be because my "bedroom" is in a basement - basements are known for their dark, damp environments which don't help with much health-wise. Who knows! I just hope that it doesn't turn into pneumonia like it's seemed prone to in recent history. I probably wouldn't end up in the hospital, but if I did and the "wrong" hospitalist was there...ugh, it would be total misery. I have a bit of a history with a certain hospitalist at the hospital in town here that involves mostly his disgusting non-understanding of diabetics, insulin pumps, and diabetes in general, in that order. I've fought with him many times, and am quite prepared to fight with him or anyone, doctor or not, that doesn't quite get it. Ah well, let's just hope that I don't end up with pneumonia, at least in the hospital with it.