Ugh. So no big news here, but I'm frustrated. I just called my PCP for some lab results I had drawn last week. Mainly to check liver and kidney function after having an intensive retina exam where dyes were used intravenously that *could* interact with Metformin. Those were fine, but the nurse whom I spoke with said "um, your blood sugar was high." I'm like "what was it?" You know, b/c I think I've been doing really well lately. She's like "132." What? Excuse me? What the heck? I am so happy with 132 ?? I still to this day (17 years Type I) can't wrap my head around why that number is HIGH for some, but for me, I've been led to believe it's a good number. Huh? This annoys the crap out of me. Wish there was an easy explanation...

Anyway, just a rant. Thanks for listening (reading)! :)

They probably mentioned it because it’s automatically flagged on the lab report as “abnormal”.

A nurse on the phone who doesn’t know you would almost always make a point of it.

The lab I use, anything over 100 is reported as “high”, and my endo/CDE/office staff have never once mentioned it as a problem :slight_smile:

Oh Gina ignore them know it all people who does she think she is,I bet she aint even diabetic and does not have any idea of what we go through on a daily basis.
She is lucky she got someone as nice as you on the other end of the line, if that was me she would have got a right telling off.If you feel fine on 132 and your diabetic team say thats fine then thats bloody fine.
Sorry I am ment to be making you feel better but Iam frustrated for you.

Just tell her “Duh, lady! I have Diabetes…” lol She won’t bug ya again. :smiley:

Yup… this is definitely true.

If I had a reading of 132, I’d go out and buy a new purse and matching shoes! And my husband wouldn’t complain either! After years of 300+ readings I get excited when I see a 1 preceding ANY numbers! I know it’s not the best, but for ME, I get giddy when I’m in someone’s spike range. :slight_smile: I’m sorry that it is bothering you (the reaction/questions you have) but I’d be proud of that number and I think you are too. Congratulations!

Yeah! What Devon said! :slight_smile:

Any excuse for shoes!!! Gina, we have just got to figure that there is “us” and there is “them”…to them, 132 is almost a Diabetes diagnosis. To us, 132 is Diabetes under control. Good job! (Of course, it would be nice to be able to assume that a medical professional would understand the fine differences, but unfortunately…)

Haha. Thanks! I’m totally amused. You have definitely made me feel better!!! :slight_smile:

You are totally right! It just rubbed me the wrong way. Yipes. It’s only tuesday :slight_smile:

Thanks Lizmari! Stuff in the mail to you tomorrow!

This is what I’m saying Devon! It’s only been recently that my sugars have been what I consider to be great! I think the metformin has been helping. And me upping my testing to like 10 times a day. Or else some miracle?? :slight_smile:

Thank you! It is really nice to hear good job! After that blasted phone call! Haha. I think I’m over it by now. I think :wink:

Screw that crazy B***, 132 is perfectly fine especially when you are out and about throughout the day!! your sugars must be at a particular level, in order to leave a cushion for possible lows. Second, the most important number is your HbA1C. I don’t care if your numbers were 200 mg/l (because of a cold, or injury, etc…), so long as your A1C is within range your ok… God, if that was my nurse, her ears would have burned to flames by the time I got finished telling her off.

This is one of the main reasons why I advocate, diabetics supporting other diabetics.

Well good job Gina i hope mine are just close to that will know tommorrow :slight_smile:

She probably missed the part of the memo that said you already were diagnosed as a type 1. My first pregnancy I hit the 24 week appointment time, and the nurse was trying to give me the icky drink to test for gestational. I thought that was a little strange so I asked “Do I really need to drink that?” And received a “duh, of course” look back from her, so I followed up with - “We pretty much know what the results will be.” And the light suddenly clicked on in her brain, and she put that drink down. For my second pregnancy, they tried to give me the drink again, to which I said “The best part of being diabetic is NOT having to drink that stuff! haha”

132 is a good number to be discovered during blood work! = )

Holy moly. I already have a serious issue with some nurses I’ve had to encounter, and the way they try to handle things, like the last time I was in the hospital etc. They act as if they know everything, and I’m a stupid 3 year old, but clearly don’t and try to make you do crazy things that will clearly adversely affect your diabetes. I’m already dreading such circumstances as yours when (if) I become pregnant. Let’s hope I can stay calm!!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply!

Haha! too funny. I knew the number was good, but was just so put off by her comment! I’m working on bringing my A1C down, and think I’m doing a good job (I hope!) Can’t wait to see what it is at my next appt!

She CLEARLY didn’t read that part! And she knows me???! I guess maybe she was having a bad day :slight_smile:

Good luck!!!