Two Pretty Funny Things Happened

Stayed a couple nights at a hotel this weekend for a small family get-together.

First thing that happened was... We were all sitting down to have dinner together (about 11 of us packed around a table). Things start to liven up and everyone is talking and snacking. I reach for something in the middle of the table, and as I reach my short sleeve rides up my arm a little and exposes my pod. Just then me little bother-in-law shouts at the top of his voice, "Good lord man, are you on house arrest or something? Do they know you're away from home?" For a few seconds after that there was that awkward moment of silence and everyone is staring at me. My wife gets pissed and throws her napkin at him and waits for me to respond. So I say "Yes, didn't you know? I got let out early on my murder charge and if you don't shut the hell up, you'll be next!" Everyone was laughing soooooo hard. So guess what the entire conversation was about the rest of the dinner? Yup! You guessed it. "How do you like it?" "How does it work?" "Does it hurt?" "Can you feel it?" "Does it set off metal detectors?"... on and on and on.

Later that night, a few of s headed to the pool. We get down there and there are a couple of kids and their mom and dad, and another younger couple already there. We all storm the pool area like we own the joint and start to have a good time. I strip down to my swimmin' trunks and jump is after my little boy. Every now and then I take a rest at the side of the pool, only to catch the kids and dad staring at my pod like I'm a freak of nature. Almost to the uncomfortable point. I just shake it off and go right back to rough-housing with the kids. All in all, probably caught them 5 or 6 times. I hope that us pod wearers are not viewed as sick people who is going to infect the whole "pool area".

Just thought I'd share my two experiences and get them off my chest. Anyone else have any awkward moments???

Awesome response to your brother in law! Other than that, don't have a pod so i can't really comment. I do however have a CGM, and have gotten a fair amount of stares at that when going to the beach or to the pool in our building.

you have to get over it, otherwise it will just frustrate you.

All my family know about my and my T 1 control. Nothing would be a surprise to them. Not sure how I'd live without sharing this knowledge.

thanks for sharing!

I’ve been asked if it was “some sort of pacemaker” before.
My hunbie & I joke about my being the newest Bionic Woman. Older folks get the reference and call me Lindsey (as in Lindsey Wagner) which is kind of fun.

My 11-year-old daughter is the type 1 diabetic in our family. (Actually she is the only person with diabetes in our family; lucky her...) I probably annoy the living crap out of her when I notice that someone is repeatedly staring at her Pod (and/or her Dexcom sensor/transmitter) and I say something along the lines of "I can't help but notice that you're curious about what my daughter is wearing on her arm. She has type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes ("type 1" means nothing to the average person) and this device delivers carefully measured doses of the insulin that she needs in order to stay alive." Sometimes I leave off the "in order to stay alive part" when I'm feeling less melodramatic. I'm not one to take a pass whenever an opportunity to educate "the masses" about type 1 presents itself. (I'm also the kind of person who will start a conversation with a complete stranger on an elevator if the mood strikes me.) I don't think that my daughter is particularly embarrassed by what I say (although if I'm being perfectly honest, she probably is a bit embarrassed, especially if it's a cute guy that's on the receiving end of my "public service announcement.") I think it has more to do with the fact that she'd rather do this herself and I beat her to it. I try to teach her that she should jump on every chance to be a type 1 advocate when these opportunities present themselves. I realize that she may reach an age when she feels more "private" about her type 1, and if/when that happens, I hope I have the good sense to keep my mouth shut.

ETA: If another student at my daughter's school asks what that thing on her arm is, she usually says something like "I'm a cyborg." or "I'm a clone made by the government and this keeps me alive." If anyone expresses their disbelief, she either tells them more than they ever wanted to know about type 1 or just walks away. It all depends on her mood at the time.

I spent a few days at a crowded beach over the 4th and was wearing my pod on my shoulder. I did not notice that anyone gave it a second glance.