Fundraising Campaign, Sep. 2010

Congratulations to Michele!! You won today’s winner of the copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry for all donors between $1 and $150!!

We’re getting to 5 pm PST with a total of 21 donations taking us just above $1,705!!

Thanks to all for your support!

Wooooohooooooooooo!!! Thank you Manny! And thanks for everything you and the DHF team do. The work you are doing is extraordinary.

After two extremely generous donations from Riva Greenberg and Michelle Griffin, we’re now at $2,265!!
Thanks so much for your support!

Remember, we’re doing a daily giveaway of a No-Sugar Added Poetry book among everyone donating $1 to $150. Every donation counts and you don’t need to donate hundreds of dollars to help.

MistressBinsky won the daily copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry today!!! Congrats!!!

Congrats to Nel!! You won today’s daily giveaway of No-Sugar Added Poetry among all people who donated $1 to $150!!!

Thanks to a generous donation from Marie B, we’re now on the verge of passing $2,500. Thanks for all the support!!

Please keep the donations coming: we’re still a little over $7,500 away from our $10K goal by Sept. 14.

Oh , I won …this is great; maybe a sign that my name will be pulled in other draws as well such as a plane ride anywhere in North America , including Hawaii :slight_smile: ??? …actually I always have felt like a winner by being here on Tu …so life is good .Thanks Diabetes Hands Foundation !

LOL!!! :slight_smile:

The winner of today’s copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry (among all who donated between $1 and $150) is Pauly! Congrats, man!!!

We have received a gift of a Motorola Droid phone (model MOTA855) to offer as a special incentive for all who donate to support the Diabetes Hands Foundation between Aug. 30 and Sept. 14.

To be eligible to win the phone, you simply need to have made a donation to the Diabetes Hands Foundation by Sept. 14 (those who have donated so far are eligible to win). The winner will be announced on Sept. 15 before 12 pm PST.

Besides being eligible to win the phone, all donors will receive the Thank You gifts associated with the amount of the donation and all donations up to $150 will also be eligible to win a daily copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry.

To donate to Diabetes Hands Foundation, go to:

Phone details:

Thanks Manny! I am sure I will enjoy it. Take care.

Thanks to YOU for your support, man!!

Manny …have to share : more laughing out loud and for me tears of joy …received a voice mail message and e-mail :

" Hi Nel and Gord,

Congratulations you have won two round trip tickets to anywhere in North America (including Hawaii and the Caribbean) compliments of Air Canada’s Kids’ Horizons for being a Super Surger in the Diabetes Summer Surge! "
…a Canadian Diabetes Association fund raiser . So folks keep on donating…you never know, what good will come your way :slight_smile:


OK!! The winners of a copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry for yesterday and today are (DRUM ROLL!!!):
-Lisa C, from West Grove, PA; and
-K. J. Hasan, from Fredericton, New Brunswick - Canada

Thank you for your support!!!

Don’t forget: ALL donors are eligible to win a Motorola Droid smart phone. Details here:

It dawned on me that I hadn’t made a donation myself, so I just donated $100 I wish I could afford a bigger donation but that’s what I can shed now.

I want to also thank Darcey, from Canada, who also donated today.

We are now nearing the $3,000 level… still not where we need to be, but I am confident that we will reach our $10,000 goal by Sept. 14. Will you help us? Really: any donation counts. If we ALL donate $25, $10, $5… it will help us get to the goal.

Four donations received today, adding up $360… and we’re now at (DRUMROLL!!!)

And today’s copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry goes to (DRUMROLL AGAIN!!!)

Make that $3,133!!!

We’re now up to $3,183… YAY!!!

Thanks to a very generous donation of $400 by WEGO Health, we’ve now broken the $3,500 ceiling. We’re at $3,583!!!

We can do it: we can reach $10,000 by next Tuesday. If you want to donate less than $10, please do so through PayPal:

Otherwise, please donate to support the Diabetes Hands Foundation at:

Thanks for your support!!