Fundraising Campaign, Sep. 2010

Make that $3,603!!! YAY!!!



And we get to $3,623! THANKS EVERYONE!!!

Let’s keep it going!! We have three more days to reach the goal!!

We have two more winners of copies of the No-Sugar Added Poetry book:
-For Sept. 10: Jacky
-For Sept. 11: Joe

Congratulations to both of you!

Manny why no pay pal?

PayPal can be used as another way to donate:

Donations go to

Thanks so much for asking.

Status update:
-We are up to $3,850 raised as of a few minutes ago.

Winners of No-Sugar Added Poetry copy,
-Sept.12: Joyce Kenneson
-Sept.13: Michael Hutch

Congratulations and thanks for your support!

WE’VE REACHED $4,000!!! Thanks to the anonymous donor who just sent $150.

We have passed $4,100!!! Thanks to Khurt Williams and two anonymous donors in the past hour.

The current total funds raised is… DRUMROLL… $5836!!

The community has come forward in full force with nearly 40 donations in the past few hours. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

We are just a little over $4000 away from our goal. We can make it!!!


Make that $5871!!!

I am not even half-way done updating the Community Supporters page (25+ more donors to be acknowledged!):

In the meantime, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

We need $150 more to get us to $7,000! Please help TuDiabetes with a tax-deductible donation before you go to bed tonight:

Let’s keep Manny REAL busy :slight_smile:

LOL!!! :slight_smile:

We’re just $20 away from $7,000… getting there!!! :slight_smile:

We’re now at $7,128!!! :slight_smile:

With less than 2 hours to go in our fundraising campaign this September, we’re VERY close to our goal. I want to thank the 100+ people that have donated since August 31 to get us here. You can see some of them listed here:
(we’re still working to update the list!)

We were hoping to raise $10,000 by midnight PST (tonight). So far we have raised nearly $7,460!
We are SO CLOSE, I felt compelled to ask you one more time, to see if we can all do one final push to get us past the goal.

You can donate through PayPal: (if you want to donate less than $10)
or through our regular DonateNow page: (if you want to donate $10 or more)

Thanks for your support! We promise we won’t bug you again for money until the holidays! :slight_smile:

WOA!!! A $235 donation just came in!!! We’re now at $7,728!!!

Manny McPhee: how the warts went away with our #helpTuDiabetes campaign: