Funny Infusion insertion story

Ok so I started my saline trail this morning and will start using insulin next week. Anywho, as I was preparing the mio infusion set for insertion I did not pull the tab back far enough and the mio jumped out of my hand across the table (Ok I was startled and probably loosened my grip on the inserter, but it did look like it jumped). As I was most concerned with the insertion process this was probably the best time for this to happen since the diabetes educator was sitting right next to me. We both laughed and I remeber stating to her after I got through my giggles, "that was dangerous". We both laughed again and I attempted my insertion with no trouble the second time. Even though its only sailine and its only been a couple of hours I already feel more comfortable with pumping. Does anyone else have any funny or interesting pumping stories, sorry if this has been covered before. This situation really cured me of my pump anxiety.

Thanks for the laugh. I have a few times, put a Mio on and forgot to remove the paper backing ont he adhesive. Oops. Ouch.

Well, you've got the right attitude for sure! :) Laugh it off!

My funny: I was filling a pump reservoir during a site change for Junior. He's sitting there waiting for Dad to catch up (Junior is a lot faster changing the actual infusion site than I am getting the reservoir filled, de-bubbled, and pump primed). My hurrying naturally resulted in me getting the filling needle stuck rather deeply into my hand. Trying to make a bit of a joke out of it, I held-up my hand (with needle still attached) in a "see here?" gesture. Junior non-chalantly reaches-over, grabs the hub of the needle and uncermoniously pulls it out of my hand. Then he says "Dad, maybe we need to get you some of those blunt kiddie-scissors".

Kids. :)

I have a good story that's similar.

Me and my mom are both type 1's, and got Paradigm Minimeds from Medtronics last year. I was a bit cowardly with the infusion changes at first...we use the Quick-set infusions, which are applied with this device:

(Took picture from

To load it, you stick the infusion inside needle-up, peel off the adhesive backing, then pull out the handle of the insertion device. Two buttons rise up at the sides, and you depress them to apply. It makes a SPOOOOING noise (imagine hitting a spring doorstop) and applies the infusion hard and fast.

So she was coaching me on how to apply it. I turned it on it's back, needle side up...glanced at it...then--oh god why--I PRESSED THE BUTTONS. I kid you not, it was like I had shot a gun. There was a loud SPPPPOOOING as the infusion rocketed up about 4 feet in the air and nearly hit the ceiling! Thank god I yanked my head back in time...that thing could definitely be used as a weapon.

We killed ourselves laughing.

That was cute.

Good one. I'm glad you moved your head too. These inserters can really be dangerous.

That does not sound like fun. I'll keep that in mind for the future.

I will be going for my pump training sometime in June! I am a bit scared and excited at the same time... but to share my funny story:
Recently I went to the diabetes nurse to learn more about the pump and to decide if it was right for me, so I brought my husband along to cover all the questions I would very likely forget.
She is showing us the different pumps available in Canada, explaining about canulas and insertion points (I'm getting nervous by all the attachment extras by the second) and she tentatively asks me if I want to try putting one one. So she springs that thing on me while I'm visibly cringing and, who knew?, the frigging thing hurt the same as my usual needle if not less. So I get up and say "well, now for the real test" walked a couple of steps and decidedly dropped the pump in the floor and the whole insertion thing comes off! *Gasps* all around and I start laughing, "that is awesome" it doesn't hurt as much as i thought it would... so I gently picked it up and walked back looking all contrite to the nurse "sorry, i needed to know for myself, that is a yes on the pump thingie and does it come in purple?"