G4 Backorders

Has anyone heard how far back-ordered Dexcom is with the G4? I am getting the free upgrade because I got my Seven+ in September. I have held off on getting new sensors since I did not want to pay for any that I would not use.

I have sent a couple emails to my rep, but figured I would check here to see if anyone knows if they are backed up and how far.

I really wanna get back on the CGM!!


Hi there. I'm in the same predicament as you (getting my G4 for free because I got a new Seven+ in Sept. I talked to someone at Dexcom and they told me December. She said that people that actually paid for the upgrade are getting theirs first and that those of us who are getting ours for free will be at the end of the list (probably because we already have a working CGM at home). Hope that helps you figure out whether or not you should order some seven+ sensors in the mean time. It's kind of a bummer, because I really want the new one, but I guess I can't complain too much because I'm getting it for free. :)

I paid for my upgrade and it was shipped today. I think that the people who were getting a completely new system got theirs shipped first. Those of us who are paying for the upgrade are getting ours next. Those of you who are getting free upgrades are last.

My sensors from Edgepark are pending, but they were ordered just last evening. I hope that there is not a problem.

I just received an email today that my G4 is ready for shipment, and that they will be taking the $399 by November 21st...I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I got mine a couple weeks after the FDA approval was announced. As I've surmised, the unofficial queue:
1-Upgrade payers with insurance who will cover the upgrade (I was under warranty, but got a new group insurance with a new job, so they were able to bill the insurance as a completely new unit, therefore my "upgrade" was actually covered under the new plan).
2-Brand new patients with insurance who will be billed the same way, or brand new out of pocket since that creates a new consumer base/brand champions.
3-Existing upgrade customers
4-Users who got a 7+ within the time period a free upgrade is being given.

Got to love the health care system, but all in all, I think Dexcom is one of the more ethically sound medical device manufacturers/innovators.