G4 Receiver skins and cases

I ordered a skin but don't have it yet. I don't remember where I saw it but someone posted that they fit perfect.

Dexcom G4 skins and cases

I just ordered one - hope it's the right one - never mentioned the size. Also if you use the coupon code, it's free. What a deal! Please fit. Please fit.

There was a coupon code? Where did you see it? They sure look like they will fit, don't they? *fingers crossed* :)

Here are the dimension of the MP3 player these are made for - Dimensions

Dex G4 = 101.6 x 45.72 x 12.7 mm

Insignia = 100.0 x 49.20 x 11.1 mm

They're stretchy and I am hopeful.

Let us know how it works. I’ve already ordered enough cases, but could be tempted if this is actually perfect. When I see the pictures, I wonder is the opening for the circle part is in the right place.

I’m mostly happy with the TallyGear case, but would prefer a case that did not have the plastic screen. I hate the way it sticks to the Dex screen and looks splotchy. Other than that, it’s perfect.

I'm using the one that comes with the G4. Because I always wear a belt, it works for me. I like the fact that in addition to the belt clip, it has a loop with a snap that "locks" the case to my belt. The case that came with my first System 7 didn't have the loop, and almost every time I sat in an airplane seat, the case and receiver hit the arm rest and popped off my belt. Fortunately I never lost it. ;^)

Here is one of the cases. SO close.

After my not so handy, handy work.

Trying this one next. Leather cover

You beat me to the photos by 5 min! But, here are mine anyway:

I'm actually pretty happy with it (being only a $5 solution and all). And a link to the log post: http://dexcity.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/dexcom-skin-sort-of/

With the black on black you can hardly tell that you cut it. :)

I just got that one, fits about the same as the others. I think I'll trim the plastic to better access the button wheel. I like the clip on the back, although it does not rotate.

Hello Everyone, I just received my G4 today, and have questions regarding cases/screen covers. It seems that Dexcom has little to no accessories for the G4. Has anyone applied a screen protector? Where are you buying cases? Any info would be great, thanks!

Pat, I got a case that I ordered by mistake from amazon. I thought I was ordering something else but ended up with the Body Glove Universal Cell Phone Case with Armband
Sold by: Happy Cellular.
I took the arm band off and use the case to put the G4 in my pocket.It has a knob on the back for a belt clip which came with it but which I don't use. I will try to add pics but have never done it before. Anyway, it cost $20 but I can see and use the whole front of the G4 and it is protected by plastic.

The little item with the back picture is the belt clip that you slide over the knob. Should have shown the side with the slot for the knob but you get the idea. Wish I could take the knob off. Otherwise it is perfect.

2117-CaseFrontw.jpg (6.88 KB) 2118-Casebackw.jpg (12.8 KB)

Why would you take plastic off the button? I just push on the plastic to use the button and arrows. See the picture below of the one I got. This looks like a good case too.

Thanks Nell, that case looks good! On the back, is it flat? Thanks for the pictures :)

Thanks Nell, that case looks good! On the back, is it flat? Thanks for the pictures :)

It is flat except for the dark plastic knob that is for the extra belt clip that comes with it. And I just removed mine!! I did not realize how easy it was to remove it. You can tell in the photo that you can also run a belt through the flat loop on the back if desired. And the end of it has the velcro snap that can be opened to remove the G4 when needed to recharge it. Or you can leave it in the case with the end flap open and recharge it as the charge opening is in the end of the G4. So, after removing the black plastic knob, it is basically flat.

where is this coupon code???

HELP! I cannot locate skin for Dexcom G4 even in the site listed at top.

Jim, the one I posted about was a so-so fit but this one looks great! Better Option