Non-belt case for G4?

I just received my G4 this morning, and will begin using it in about 1/2 hour after it calibrates! I am pretty excited - I really like the design and especially the thinness of the receiver. I am NOT going to keep it on my belt and would love to know if anyone out there has found a low profile case that will fit the G4. I keep it in my pocket and use the vibration settings for alarm. I am wondering if the older iPod Nano cases will fit - and will check that out later this weekend. If I come up with something I will share it here, and if anyone has already found one, please let us know!
Thank you in advance.

I will continue to use my SPIbelt. It should fit as it is a small, clothe pocket. is the site I ordered from. Love it. Comfortable under all clothes and to sleep.

Checked the nano cases - too small ;( I'm also looking for something! I'm thinking of maybe a really good (like Zagg or Body Gardz) screen protector front/back if I can't find anything else.

Started it yesterday, and left the old one in as well, will report on the comparison :)

I'm all ears for whatever anyone finds out. I don't WEAR a belt, and if there is no clip on the case (?) I'm in for trouble, because things fall out of my pockets!! The 7+ fell out of my pocket multiple times until I finally decided to put it into the case and wear it on my waistband with the clip. The only reason I haven't lost my pump is because it's attached to me, for heaven's sakes!!!! :-)

I tried using the clip on my waistband. Lost it a couple of times getting out of the car! I think just the bending/standing up did it.. so NO more dex case clip for me

I saw some great clips on line, but afraid it'll make the whole thing too big. Frustrating!

I also don't wear a belt, and I don't trust myself just leaving it in my jean pocket. I tried putting my first sensor for the Gen4 system in this morning and hit a 'bleeder'. I tried calling tech support but they have a long waiting list for call back. Since my system and sensors are self-pay, I hate to discard a sensor if it still might be ok to use it?

The sensor may be fine. I'd leave it in and see if it works. If it comes up "Sensor Failed" dexcom should replace it for free.

Until you get in touch with them, you can test frequently and see if the sensor is in accord with your meter. I had a bleeder recently, and they replaced the sensor for me, even though it wasn't really the sensor's fault. But they know how expensive the sensors are, and do want to keep us happy with their product!

I agree Natalie. The bleed under the sensor platform kept getting more and more, so I removed it and put in another in a different spot. The Dexcom person did call back later and they are kindly going to replace the sensor even though it wasn't really anyone's fault.

I've found that the insulin pump pouch that I use for my Medtronic Revel also works very well for the Gen4 system. The pump pouch is vertical and has a place for a carabiner clip. The insulin pump pack for you . com site has vertical and horizontal pump pouches. She has a variety of soft materials both for children and adults and she will make custom pouch for your pump too. I like the material pouch because they can be washed and machine dried. Just offering this information for your reference.

jrtpup - did you check the earlier nano cases (Generation 4 or 5)? Those Nanos were slightly bigger than the newer ones. I am visiting a friend on Friday who has a 4th gen. and will let you know what I think.

According to the specs I found they are too short ;(

Love my spibelt as well for my pump. I like having my dex more accessible though. Fussy ;)

There is a clip on the case. I'm not trusting enough LOL

Check a public safety supply house. Fire, police, & ems need cases for various devices. There may be something there. I use a metal clip case for both my Ping and my 7+ that hang over my belt. You may have some luck in this area.

Also, what about a boat shop. There may be a small electronic device case that is waterproof also.

I appreciate everyone's suggestions regarding a non-belt case. What I ended up doing is cutting off the clip and belt loop, so now I have a case to protect the G4 in my pocket! It works great - except that it is a little bit of a pain to have to unsnap it to look at the trend graph. This should be my biggest problem! I am hoping that some day Dex will have a case that is kind of like a iPod - Nano case that is open on the front side, but until then, this will do nicely for me.

I've been staring at my case, thinking about doing the same thing LOL. What stopped me was the same.. having to open it

Keep us posted on how it works out, Really hoping for a nice aftermarket (like the nano case) soon!

I'm also trying to find an acceptable case. Has anyone heard if the skins that were avail able for Dexcom7+ are being made for he g4?

I asked and was told they are not.

I have found the very best way to carry both my Medtronic pump and the Dexcom. Go to These are soft bands, either velcro-closure or step-in, worn around the waist. This was designed by a mom whose child has Type 1 and had trouble finding the right way to carry the pump. I have tried a few versions and my favorite is the standard, velcro-closure band in black with two clear windows. I can wear both pump and Dexcom around the waist and operate both through the windows. It's worn easily under clothing and is unnoticable in most of my work and casual outfits. I LOVE this thing!

Thanks, I went to your link and realized the correct link is