G6 applicator stuck!

Tonight while changing the sensor the applicator became stuck and would not release the sensor! My daughter was terrified to have the applicator stuck to her! We tried and tried but it would not release. We had to rip the sensor off and start over with a brand new one.

Even after taking it off her abdomen I was unable to remove the sensor from the applicator.

This is simply UNACCEPTABLE from Dexcom!

I called them and they are sending a new sensor and asked me to return the applicator with the sensor stuck in it.

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Recently on a podcast they brought this up with the CEO of Dexcom. He said they corrected the defect but some are out in the world that might have this issue.

The CEO did not condone this but the host mentioned users would “wack it” to get it to release. Just sharing incase it happens again maybe a careful knock will trigger a release?

Yup, I had one of those and it’s pretty disturbing for an adult, let alone a kid. The whole process is kinda scary from a kid’s p.o.v. even when it goes right, and having a bad experience like this isn’t going to make doing the next one any easier.

Just happened to me last week! I peeled it off and put on another. Dexcom sent a replacement and requested that I send back the malfunctioned/stuck sensor and applicator. I am concerned about it happening when i travel. I guess I will just have to pack even more spares in my luggage. At least the sensors are easy to pack - sarcasm

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I hope she is not completely freaked out now!! This is such an important tool for her and you!

This same thing happened to me a few months ago. I really thought I was losing my mind. Could not figure out why I couldn’t get it off. And as all of know, I hated pulling off a brand new sensor!!! But once I got it off & saw what was going on, I knew it wasn’t me and I wasn’t losing my mind. So like everyone else, I called, they asked for it back with lot info. Guessing they are troubleshooting this problem. Thankfully that was the only one!

I had not heard of this problem…Wow!

I have had about 3 of these in the last month or so. That, and sensors failing early. Dexcom always replaces them though…which reminds me I need to call them again for the last one that got stuck. I had 0 issues the first 3 months I used the G6, but the last couple months have been horrible luck.

I tried the whole whack it with a spoon thing and it sadly didn’t work for me.

Lately the product hasn’t been up to quality standards and most tech support can barely speak English. We normally have about 4 bad sensors out of 10 and the 6 that work 2 or 3 fail before 10 days are up. if it wasn’t our only option I would have our daughter use something else but with the G6 we can use the follow app when she is at school… And the Follow App lags behind ever since they upgraded it.

I recently upgraded to the G6 and the first sensor I tried to apply wouldn’t separate. Because this was the first one for me, I was very careful in following the instructions for doing the application, but I still wondered if I had done something wrong. I contacted support while I still had the applicator and all stuck to my body. Support had no idea of what to do or didn’t seem to know this was a reported problem. Eventually they told me to remove everything and try another sensor. The new sensor installation went smoothly. I have since changed out other sensors and had no repeat issues. I was sent a replacement sensor and returned the defect one. I guess is was just unluckily timing for me. Overall I am very happy with the G6.

I’ve never had an applicator stick. Not at all sure this has anything do with the issue, but I hold the applicator about 1-2mm above my skin, push the trigger, then push it down to seal the adhesive prior to removal.

I’m doing this at the suggestion of one of the Dexcom reps, who isn’t a CDE or part of their TCS team, because of all the issues I was having with the product when I first switched from G5 to G6. I have no idea why it improves my results, but it did make a difference for me.

When the applicator was stuck, did the needle used to apply the sensor also fail to withdraw from your tissue?

No, the needle retracted just like it was supposed to but the applicator would not release the sensor.

Thanks for clarifying. I’ve also read reports of people who’ve had the needle fail to retract. That’s a much different experience, especially if there’s a child involved.

I have had both scenarios. 2 where the needle didn’t retract, and one where it did.

That happened to me about a month ago. Frustrating as it was having to use my future supply the DEXCOM Help Desk was great. They sent me out the replacement unit (They sent me two) and in a separate envelope a self addressed carton to return the damaged unit.

Happened to me last night. I had to rap it hard over 10 times before it released the sensor. Dexcom needs to do a redesign of the applicator.

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Found this on the Beyond Type 1 forum!


Wow, I am not looking forward to ever dealing with this terrible inserter. I once got the one before g4 stuck on my arm and that was bad enough. At that point I stopped using dexcom because it was very inaccurate and then started again later with the improved g4. I guess it may be improved by then. Now I have no such problems with the insertion and use my legs.

Super helpful info, thank you! I don’t remember seeing this in the G6 manual …


Yes, great to know about the Safety release. Would’ve been nice to know when it got stuck. And the Dexcom techs don’t know about this? They seemed surprised when I told them about it.