G6 not compatible with Android 13

Aug 2022.

Google pixel phone here.

Now I’m only using Dexcom G6 receiver since the newly downloaded Android 13 can’t connect to the G6 transmitter.

That’s the main problem now.

Android 12 worked fine. One cannot go back on installed phone updates, I think.

Dexcom tech support is a word salad with no useful info.

Also deeply worried about G7 roll out after the various G6 fiascos including my latest phone disappointment this week.

My G7 concerns are compatibility, coverage, and medicare. Is G7 even DME any more? What part is durable if it’s all throw away? I’m guessing the G6 receiver will not read G7 but a new G7 reciever is necessary. Will that exist?

What about Android 13?

What’s the scoop on medicare coverage for G7?

How long will G6 be supported and supplies available in USA for G6?

Should I worry about having a creepy Advantage plan with no secondary?

Should I worry about no endo office to guide me and a PCP who relies on me to figure it out myself since they have no idea or interest about anything other than their own billing codes?

i haven’t read the dozens of old threads on it all, to be honest, because over 6 month old material is not necessarily reliable.

Maybe a knowledgeable user can simplify it for me with the latest information or something helpful like what to do and what to expect?

There are 2 options for non-supported android phones.
I use xDrip on my non-supported android.

Another option is to use the BYODA option, which basically modifies the Dexcom app to bypass the compatibility check.

There are several discussions here and also youtube videos on how to implement these.

Many here, including me, prefer the xDrip option.

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Android 12 was a disaster for battery life on pixels. I will stay on 11 until the sun goes nova. No reason to update. Pixel 4A. Best phone for the money. Why update? Just to get some fancy bubbles. This from an ex mainframe systems programmer. And 13 comes with the added you cannot go back feature.

@Aeonn does your issue still persist with the G6 and your Pixel Android 13?

Can any other users who have upgraded to A13 add if they’ve had a similar experience as @Aeonn, or if theirs works fine?

I’ve held off upgrading because I don’t want to lose this functionality!


g6 doesn’t run on Android 13. i get mes saying can’t pair transmitter. So, then you must use the receiver only. The phone will not work any longer with g6. You cannot undo the phone upgrade to A13. Dexcom, as of today, does not support A13. It’s a real shame. Tech Support had no answer. I speculate the explanation is Dexcom blocks running on A13 unless FDA or CMMS says it’s allowed. Insofar as g7 launch is pending, why should one expect g6 issue fixed for A13? It’s pitiful IMHO.

Thank you.

But I have no idea how to do those non-supported work-arounds and if it’s just more trouble or oddity.

I love Xdrip, but it does indeed expect one be a little tech savvy.

The build-your-owm-Dexcom app, though, is a complete misnomer. You don’t have to actually make anything. No tech skills required at all. All you do is answer a quick questionnaire, and they email you the install file. You just click the link in your email. Your phone will probably pop up a warning saying it doesn’t have permission to install the file from your email app, since it’s not the Play Store, but give you a link to follow to grant the permission. After doing so, click the emailed link a second time, and this time the install will run, and you’re in business. The app will work identically to your previous experience with it, no matter the phone or Android version.

The hardest part is simply choosing the right version for you from the possibilities. If you’re in the US, you want “G6 US v1.10.0.6 (Android 9+)”. If you’re outside of the US, then you want the “G6 International v1.10.0.2 (Android 9+)”

On the second page of the questionnaire, you have to click the first box about removing the comparability check. That’s the entire point here. The others, you can just pick the default option. I would highly recommend you choose “yes”, instead, on the question asking: “Do you want swiping/dismissing a notification to take the same action as pressing OK?” Choosing “yes” here will allow you to quickly stop an alert by just swiping it away in the main notification bar, rather than having to open the app and clear the notification there.

Thank you for all these details. Somebody else may benefit. You are very kind. But, I’m backed into a corner. I am not well and have too much on my plate to embark on a new venture into the unknown abyss to build my own interface or whatever that learning curve entails. My simplest option is to use the g6 receiver and forget my new phone. My most recent (irreversible) mistake was updating A12 to A13.