GAME: 5 Random facts... about us!


I love van Helen music all the way I mean man can eddie play a gutiar!!

peanut butter is apart of everyone of my meals! especially lima beans and peanut butter

I am a medic and fire fighter the only girl firefighter in my department.

I am in love and should prob. get stock in energy drinks they really do get me thought those 24 hr shifts!! my husband wonders if I love it more then him!

I love soccer!! all soccer all the time.
I know 5 was the ? but I got one more

I love my dogs more then anything they get what they want when they want it. clothes got it home made dog treats got it their own room got that too!


Hey Gerri, not a bad idea! Hmm… not sure if I have high arches, but it’s possible. 8)


We could have contests & post pics of our monkey feet feats:))

My endo says that diabetics tend to have high arches. They’re a pain.

  1. I’m only 4’9 inches tall. (And yes, I’ve heard all the comments before about it… so you don’t need to remind me. lol)

  2. I can knit, and I can drive a forklift… Probably two of the most opposite activities I can think of.

  3. I am Puerto Rican, born and raised, and yes… Spanish is my first language… and no, I did not learn it later… And yes, I am white… I am fully aware of this. lol

  4. I have a rare condition that happens to me whenever I eat something that has way too much salt and black pepper. This condition is the clogging of the salivary ducts, in my mouth… So then the ‘gel like’ or hardened saliva accumulates in the ducts making them seriously enlarge like crazy, and then my face will look like I’m blowing on a saxophone, or a squirrel with a mouthful of nuts… and the swelling happens instantly! When this happens, I have to spend my day sucking on very tart candy all day, to force the mouth to salivate. It kinda hurts, too. The first time it happened, the doctor said they only saw one or two cases every few years, so he called over his other buddy doctors, and lots of people had their hand in my mouth… Yuck. I felt like a freak, cus they were so happy… and yet I was in pain. lol

  5. I grew up as a tom boy, and had a BMX bike, since age 5… I would go out all day, exercise on that bike, and come back all muddy and bloody… never watched tv, or played video games, and I would make crazy jumps with that bike, free-style, and race the boys and win… My brother was a BMX pro, winning many championships across many nations, and my father was the president of the Puerto Rican BMX Association, and the Puerto Rican Olympic Cycling Federation. Even with all that exercise, and pedigree, PCOS still made me get fat. Life happens, sometimes.

  1. I love reading thrillers, soppy summer reads and tearjerkers, and even non-fictions on random subjects, but I really hate it if something doesn’t ‘ring true’, and will stew about it for the duration of a book. I love a book that will surprise me, but characters must be believable, even if reacting to unreal or bizarre situations.

  2. In addition to the three cats and one other dog, we have a guide dog (Border Collie/Lab) in our family. My husband, who’s blind, had to give up his school guide dog and this one, a shelter rescue, stepped into the role with ease. With extensive training from both of us, she’s become the best guide dog he’s had in 40 years. As she ages, we’re now wondering if we can be so lucky to find another like her. Call us crazy.

  3. We also have fish, but I’m not so sure am as good a fish “parent” as a Dog/Cat “Mom”.

  4. Most of our indoor plants have had names - Martha (the hibiscus), Fern (the … fern), Spike (the dracena), Phil (the philodendron, of course) come to mind, may all RIP (can thank Max, our youngest cat for that). Martha is still hanging in there, but I wonder for how long.

  5. I don’t watch much TV anymore, and spend most of my limited free time on the computer. I enjoy interacting with forums such as this, rather than letting the TV do it for me.

  1. I don’t like to argue but don’t make me mad I will say what’s on my mind and leave you standing there wondering what hit you. Then of course return to my laughing self’

  2. I love my grandkids more than my kids.

  3. I took Type 1 at 10

  4. I can do more than ppl think I know how to do

%. I love carrotts


Oh boy, truth or dare

  1. I can’t eat breakfast in the morning right away after getting up. It takes me an hour or so to be ready to eat.

  2. I love the mountains…I hate the prairies God lives in the mountains, I am sure of it.

  3. I love asparagus…better than any other veg except corn on the cob

  4. I hated the BEATLES when they first came to America, it took me almost 30 years to appreciate them and their music

  5. I hate to cook, that’s why I married a chef/cook


Monkey Feet feats! Brilliant! 8)


That could be our group name:). Whadda think?


My car is a Honda civic called Kelso, he’s the love of my life haha


See, now that’s just funny!
Yep seems like a hit to me! nicely done!


Haha Doris I love that "I love my grandkids more than my kids."
Here goes some of my random facts-

1-I cant swim even though I`ve had lessons over and over but will learn it

2-I am an emotional person but dont take no rubbish from anyone.

3-Not a fussy eater,as loon as it goes with my religious beliefs I will eat it.

4-I enjoy pain for some reason,if a part of my body is hurting I will press it for more pain.(I know weird but one of my other friends is the same hahahha)

5-I sometimes forget about my needs whilst worrying about those that I care about.


Hey Osbo I can spoil those grandkids and send them back home. Couldn’t do that with my own kids! My dad and mom did that for me then for the next 3 days I heard “Granddaddy or Nana said I could do this at their house. Why can’t I do it here?” HA! So I just return the favor on my daughter now! HA!


We should totally start a “Diabetics who love Sting” group on here. Awesome! My favorite tune is “Brought to my Sense”. Best EVER! Nice to meet someone who shares same interests/illness. :slight_smile:

  1. I work on cars for a living.

  2. I am a skater.

  3. I only drink coffee and water.

  4. I watch my tv with the sound off all the time.

  5. I love to knit.

  1. I used to own a sailboat. I sold it to some girl in Canada who wanted to race sailboats.

  2. My wife says I am somewhat forgetful. She just has a really excellent memory. I will drop her off at home and then race back to the restaurant to fetch my glucose meter that I left in the restaurant.

  3. I use my dog’s enjoyment of a walk as a great reason to exercise. Yet he slows down to sniff and a walk becomes a stand and wait.

  4. My wife does not cook, so I cook and she cleans. That is our agreement. I like making fancy dishes from gourmet recipes. So cool.

  5. I like cool sweater weather. Not freezing cold. Not blazing hot. Give me a sweatshirt and let me go and I am great.


OK, here goes:

  1. I, too, need some quiet time in the morning in order to mentally prepare for the day ahead. I need to soak for at least an hour in the bathtub while playing mancala on my iPhone.

  2. Diet Pepsi, FTW. The choice of a new generation! Even though I’m the “older” generation. I’ve been known to scream through the drive-through window at McDonald’s as I’m driving away: “Get Diet Pepsi, you stupid douches!”

  3. I collect dolls. Not just any dolls. Blythe dolls. So I can crack open their heads, sand down their faces, carve and reapply their makeup, cut off all their hair, reroot it with wild colors, change out their four sets of eye chips, and turn them into goth dollies.

  4. I sleep with my daughter’s Dexcom receiver and OmniPod PDM under my pillow, for quick corrections, and so the cats and dog don’t steal them while we sleep.

  5. Most moms tell their kids something along the lines of the following when they drop them off at school in the morning: “Bye, sweetie! Have a great day and I love you.” When I drop my daughter off at her school, I always say “OK, we’re here. Now get the f¥ck out of my car.” She loves it.


Five facts about me, which are not so random:

  1. My husband and I enjoy camping. We started by bushwacking and sleeping on the ground; now we trailer-camp. Regarding trailer-camping, having a stove and a microwave is a wonderful luxury!

  2. I never graduated college because, despite years’ of attending, I took too many courses in literature and writing and not enough courses in the hard stuff, like math and chemistry.

  3. I wrote plays at the Berghof Studio on Bank Street, N.Y., but after I left, I went back to my first love–writing poetry.

  4. We bred Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs for many years. We showed dogs of many breeds in Conformation and some of the Obedience sports, for decades.

  5. We have a son and a daughter, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. All wonderful, of course!

  1. I do indeed have 6 cats! The oldest is nearly 20 and has a meow like a banshee (especially at 6 am). The youngest is his buddy and is a mere teenager at 1.5 years. :cat2:

  2. I have helped run a national, professional beer judging competition for several years! In my pre-D days, I’d enjoy a yummy Belgian Abbey ale, refreshing Hefeweizen, or crisp Saison. Someday I will figure out how to bolus for beer (I do okay with wine). :beer:

  3. I love Yellowstone in the winter. We go cross-country skiing and see lots of wildlife. One year we saw a wolf pack cross the road in front of the snowcoach and head up into the forested slopes!

  4. I am a sucker for a well-written detective novel, the kind with lots of character and pyschological development. I have the new Louise Penny and Elizabeth George novels waiting on the bookshelf.

  5. Baking bread is one of my favorite things to do! I like Peter Reinhart’s transitional whole-grain sandwich loaf for everyday bread. Using oat bran and buttermilk in the soaker gives great flavor and mitigates some of the glycemic response. :smiley_cat:

  1. i am hearing impaired and involved in music. love playing the piano and singing. nothing makes me happier than to have those in my life. i learned to play the violin, flute, cello and im horrible at the bass guitar

  2. i have a cat who acts like a toddler in some way…she is demanding, sweet, loud, quiet, etc. she does tricks that are too adorable

  3. I have the most popular middle name there is. can you guess what it is? did you guess marie? yup thats my middle name.

  4. i was born on a military base in the USA. my dad was in the marines so I was born in Quantico, VA

  5. i enjoy my nap times. i feel refreshed after i take one and ready to tackle on the day a bit more