Garmin and Dexcom

Wasn’t sure if this was new news. Does this require the phone to work or can it be used without?

Update: still need the phone

*** Compatible smartphone must have a data connection and be in BLE range of both the Dexcom G6 CGM and Garmin smartwatch or Edge® cycling computer.

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There are only a few watches that can be used without phone, and the watch “collects” the data.

Here is a past discussion.

I use a fitbit watch, but must carry phone with xDrip.

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@Jim26 So it took me a fortnight to get this to work on my Gamin Edge 1030 bike computer. I found some pretty good instructions on how to get it to work. It was still nip and tuck.

You will notice there is no trend line just the number and the arrow. That works for me.

Here’s the link to Garmin’s installation instructions. I will warn you that setting up the screen to get the Data field to show where I wanted it was touch and go. I bet doing it on a watch will be even more fun and games.

And Yes it requires a smart phone with Garmin Connect app.

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After using this feature for nearly a month, I was on my weekly group ride when the CGM data field went null. To make matters worse stupid Apple Watch gurus decided that I should record the bike ride. This did away with the Dexcom data until I stopped. The watch keep chiming to remind me to record.

I went back through the procedure for setting up Dexcom data field on Garmin. Evidently mid ride Garmin lost the Dexcom ID and PW. So that’s working.

The watch has a setting to disable that. I can’t remember the steps. It is odd to me that the watch suddenly wanted to record an activity when it had never done that before.

Fortunately, I was near the end of the ride, and BG had been stable and good up to then.

I really don’t understand these things. They make updates that screw up the technology.
Then you need to mess with it and reprogram it or start over with installation.

My Apple Watch has tanked on me 4 times in the year that ive had it. All because of software updates and changes

Now that sugarmate is down, it’s just that much more irritating.

They don’t realize taht people depend on this technology everyday and disruptions are not just irritating, but disruptive

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I had a non-diabetes issue that frustrated the heck out of me. When playing audio through bluetooth on my samsung phone the audio would keep pausing. Took me weeks to finally discover that the Roku app that I installed was causing issues with bluetooth audio. Unistalled the Roku app and everything worked fine.

The thing is, both watch and Garmin Edge were working flawlessly without any updates for over 3 weeks, and then while riding both went stupid.

Oh, and I don’t do auto updates. I like to know what’s happening to my devices.