Gastroparesis and Me

Gastroparesis has been interesting for me. I was diagnosed and told I have about 20% digestion. Sheesh. What do you do?

FOR ME I started throwing up and feeling like I had bricks in my stomach.

FOR ME I decided to change my eating and since the usual suggestions didn’t work, start experimenting.

FOR ME I started IF - intermittent fasting. It actually gave my stomach time to digest. So, no breakfast, light lunch (about 300 calories give or take) and a few hours later a dinner.

FOR ME I started mindful eating. I stopped veggies so I could slowly evaluate each one’s effect on my stomach. We are all different. I can eat kale, artichokes, celery – all veggies in small amounts. I also found out that fermented (sauerkraut and kimchee for example) were also good.

FOR ME I started very carefully with anything fiber, like the celery.

FOR ME I also stopped eating anything processed if possible. Fresh before frozen. Frozen before canned. Shop the outside of the store.

FOR ME I stopped eating sugar. That seemed to really set me off – bloating and sick to my stomach. Stopped the sugar and stopped the throwing up and nausea.

FOR ME my A1C is now to 4.8 and they have reduced or eliminated some medications (yeah!) and my blood pressure and other blood work is great.

What do I eat? FOR ME is going to be different than you. FOR ME I do well with proteins like beef, lamb, pork and chicken but I buy it ground. Just works better. FOR ME I can eat eggs (even without a gall bladder, no problem) I have found a tolerance for good fats - butter / never margarine; olive oil / never vegetable or seed oils; avocados; olives. FOR ME I have my list of veggies. I am still checking out more, one at a time (cabbage, bok choy are currently under trial) There are some not on the list because I don’t like them – so please don’t give me a suggestion list. I’m doing fine checking flavors I like one at a time.

IF this is of any help, I just decided to take this problem into my own hands and do what I can for myself. I can’t control the meds, can’t control the condition, can’t control some things – but I can control what I put into my mouth and most importantly when.

Thank you! I hope this helps someone.


Congrats on your success! I think your mindset of taking ownership of your health, not hoping the doctor or some other entity will rescue you, is a highly effective attitude.

I also have gastroparesis and benefit greatly form avoiding processed carbs, eating low carb including meat and eggs, and intermittent fasting have all helped to minimize my symptoms. I only eat twice per day, a late breakfast and an early dinner.

Why does this not surprise me? Keep up the great work. Enjoy your better health!

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Because I’m a teacher and eat my “lunch” at 10:30 I eat a late breakfast and an early dinner, too. sounds like we both figured things out! Those processed carbs are the worst!! Its taking ownership of your own health that is the greatest feeling! Glad I’m not the only one who is on the better path! Thank you for the affirmation!