Gatorade to treat a low

Have any of you tried Gatorade for a low? I have found when I get a low at night I will treat it but due to the delays I am listening to my dexcom squawk for almost 1/2 hour afterwards keeping my wife awake.
When I treat a low with some Gatorade this goes down to about 10 minutes, I suspect it has something to due with the replenishing electolite ingredients.
Anyway until then I never touched the stuff, now I keep some in the fridge for just in case.

I use it all the time. Being fluid and having dextrose the body processes it quickly. Beats chomping on glucose tabs!

I used to use gatorade to treat lows when I cycled a lot. It is fast and effective.

I now usually use Dex4 tabs, dextrose is the main ingredient. When I want it to act more quickly, I chase it with 4-6 ounces of water. Works as good as any other sweet drink for me.

Similar kind of idea, keep a bottle of Lucozade in the house somewhere or at work. Try not to use it, but always much easier and faster than most solid things...although no where near as tasty as that chocolate muffin hypo cure that's sitting there!

I use Gatorade mostly when running or cycling as it's easy fuel. I might run my basal a bit "hotter" (50-75%) because I like to have some for distances > say 5-6 miles running or I just lug the bottle on my bike but it works pretty well. Yesterday, I biked 50 miles for about 3 1/2 hours and drank about a bottle and a half of Gatorade and was pretty flat through most of the ride. I had a peanut butter sandwich somewhere along the line, bolusing for about 1/3 of the 15G of carbs and it worked out very well.

I like to get the powdered Gatorade as I weigh it, 20G for shorter runs and more like 30 for longer runs. I'd never ridden 50 miles before but the Tour de Cure is coming up so I put 40G in each of my bottles and sipped as I rode. It wasn't very hot. I think the powder is probably cheaper too, as a tub is like $3.99 and will make 5 gallons @ 20G carb/ serving.

Gatorade is also made out of dextrose and is liquid which might give it a slight edge in speed over the 'chewable' varieties, although I haven't gone so far as to measure it.

I think It is good to have in the fridge. I like the blue one.

I use it for cycling to prevents self from going low, it’s nice because a serving is 12 ounces not 8