Gen4 but no Sensors

My Gen 4 is arriving tomorrow, but the earliest that Edgepark will be shipping my sensors is Nov. 29. I placed my sensor order at Edgepark on Tuesday and had been very worried that it was still showing “Pending”. I was concerned that there was going to be a problem with my insurance who normally covers my sensors with no problem. So I was actually relieved that the pending notice was related to supply not my insurance company.

I have 4 or 5 7+ sensors left, so it’s probably good that I will be forced to use some of them. But it will be a total bummer not to be able to start using my Gen 4 tomorrow.

Do not worry, my guess is that one sensor will come with the Gen 4 package, you should be able to use it right away!

Nope - we are in the same boat. Received the G4 a week or two ago but aren't eligible for sensors until tomorrow. I even requested one to be included with the package but they said we had to wait.

How do you order the G4? Did u call a rep or through the website? I logged on and find that they still have the 7+ on there. Can someone explain to me how to go about it.

Do you have an in-warranty Dex 7+? If so, you need to call Dexcom. It is a $399 upgrade fee that you pay directly to Dexcom. If your 7+ system was purchased in Sept or Oct 2012, they will waive the upgrade fee.

If you want to order a whole new system, you can call Edgepark if they are your supplier. Even just to order Gen4 sensors I had to call Edgepark because the new products are not yet showing up on their website. If you’re ordering a whole new system you can also call Dexcom. If your insurance requires Edgepark, they’ll refer it to Edgepark I think.

thanks. Yes I have an in-warranty 7+.
I have always been covered 100% and got my last 7+ i believe, around mid year. It was a "replacement" for the one i had from 2011. Both of them are working very well. I gave one to a friend who is barely insured.

I reached out to my dexcom rep and here is her answer;
"Your device is still in warranty until 4/12/2013. You aren’t eligible to get a new one through the insurance until that time. Dexcom is running an early upgrade program and you can purchase it from them at a cash price. I believe it is $399. If you are interested you will have to reach out to them"