Anyone have trouble getting supplies?

I'm down to one sensor for my G4, and have been trying for several days now to get Edgepark to send me more sensors. They keep telling me they won't be "approved" until the 22nd. By then, I will have ZERO sensors, which means that if the one I'm using fails or is faulty or if I rip it off, I'm out of luck.

I think they think my insurance won't approve it until then (though they're vague about it) but I don't think that's the case. I've never had my insurance not approve supplies, and I've never been in this situation with pump supplies, for example. I always have an extra box or two lying around when they send me the next box of them.

I'm on hold right now trying to talk to someone at Edgepark, very frustrated. Does anyone else have to wait until they have ZERO supplies left before ordering more?

I order directly through Dexcom and have Aetna insurance. For my System 7 I used to have to wait until the last week to call in. I went on automatic shipment, and then they started coming earlier. I haven't had to reorder for G4 yet. If they are giving you this much grief for the sensors, what is it going to be like in about three months when yu need a new transmitter? fact I have to stop orders from autoshipping from Edgepark to avoid having too many supplies. (Because I usually get 2 weeks out of a sensor instead of 1). The autoship is set up for 4/month.

In January, I had to order my first sensors after the initial order and it took a while. I called and they told me that it's normal the first time of the year. They need re-approval by my insurrance (BCBS of NJ). It took around 10 buisness days. I had two extra sensors but technically I received my box exactly at the right moment when I was supposed to have none.

I think that it’s an issue with your insurance or maybe the prescription on file with Edgepark. I did have to order my Dexcom G4 sensors over the phone from Edgepark rather than by Internet ordering. I ordered a three month supply in the first week of February and had them less than a week later.

My G4 shipment was due during my vacation. I called Cigna and got a vacation override. Edgepark then handled the order and a shipment directly from Dexcom arrived before I went on vacation.

I would agree with this. I find it has always been an issue with insurance and not Edgepark when it comes to my Dex or Pods. Talk to someone in the Medical Device Department at Edgepark not just CS. Also contact your insurance and prepare for the run around. I find I need to be very proactive when it comes to my supplies. Know what your coverage is and talk to a supervisor and another supervisor! Good luck.

Like Brad, I just work directly with Dexcom. Filled out some easy paperwork regarding my insurance and I was/am totally taken care of. You may want to look into this. Dexcom will obviously work extremely hard to help you and you’ll be dealing right with the manufacturer…just my .02 cents.

Thanks for all the replies. I don't think I can work directly with Dexcom - my insurance requires me to purchase through Edgepark.

And it *is* Edgepark's fault. I finally called my insurance yesterday and they indeed said that they don't care when I order, they have no restrictions at all. In fact, I asked "so how many can I order at a time? Can I get a whole year's worth of supplies if I want?" and the lady couldn't really answer the question. She just said that she doesn't see anything as far as restrictions on when I could order or how many.

So... we'll see. I did talk to Dexcom and they are sending a spare sensor because I knocked one off, so I have enough to get me through. Edgepark STILL has not sent my sensors out despite assuring me they'd go out last Monday. Grrrrr....