G4 Sensors

Where do you all get your G4 sensors? Through Dexcom themselves or have you found an outside provider?

Thank you,

I am required by my insurance to use Edgepark and in the past have had no problems getting my Dexcom stuff from them. Unfortunately right now they are back ordered on G4 sensors. I was told that they won’t have them until 11/29. I don’t really blame Edgepark for this. My guess is that Dexcom is having a hard time keeping up with the huge response.

I get mine through Edgepark as well, though I just started on the G4. They have been pretty painless so far for ordering. Dexcom is in a big backlog though, I had to call them today and the wait time was 2 hours plus.

Since I am 'self-pay' I buy my sensors from Dexcom. IMHO the new sensor wire is considerably smaller than the Dexcom 7.

Avoid Edgepark if at all possible. I used Edgepark and every time I had a problem, it was call Dexcom. Dexcom started the process of working with my insurance company and now everything is Greater than GREAT! Go Dexcom!