General pump questions for when/if I make the jump

So I'm mainly wondering how many days people get out of an infusion set/cannula, and how consistent the insulin delivery is in practice from day 1 to day 3 (or even farther out for those pushing the envelope). Do you change settings from day 1 to day 3 and is it always the same?

The second thing I'm wondering is how generic the pump supplies are? Does medtronic allow you to use generic tubing/sets? Is it a lot cheap to use other brands?

I do not really notice a difference between days with my cannula. When I have a bad insert/site, it usually shows up right away. I am not sure how generic the supplies are, I have always gotten mine from Medtronic as my insurance covers them.

I now change my sets after 2 days. If I leave them in after that, my BG's start to go up fairly signficantly on day 3 (and I get a big red bump at the insertion site). When I get bad sets, they will very often work fine for a day and then start to give problems on day 2.

In my case it is most likely a reaction to the insulin (or rather the preservatives in insulin) as I can wear a CGM sensor for 3 weeks without problems.


I use my infusion sets/sites for about 4 days. I am getting good consistent absorption now but I've had problems in the past. A few years ago I started to get inconsistent absorption, particularly on day 3. When I changed infusion sets, the problems went away.

Medtronic uses proprietary infusion sets; you can only use the Medtronic brand. I use an Animas pump and can use any standard luer-lock connection set. I was happy to have more sets to choose from when I started to have absorption problems. Can't answer your comparative cost questions.

Actually ALL the sets are made by Unomedical and the cannulas are identical. The only difference with the medtronic sets is the connector at the reservoir/cartridge end of the tubing. With my switch from MM to Animas I now use the Comfort instead of the Silhouettes, but except for the colour of the inserter needle, the actual sets are exactly the same. Unfortunately, Animas don't do a version with the 80cm (32 inch) tubing which I used to prefer. I find the short tubing too short and have to use the long (43 inch) tubing, which is a nuisance and takes ~ 20 units to prime


Joel - Do you use Novalog insulin? When I used Novalog, I also got a red bump at the infusion site. When I switched to Apidra, I lost the "pump bumps." I am allergic to Novalog.

I used Novorapid on MDI until around 7 years ago, but switched to Apidra on account of its claimed shorter DIA. I have only ever pumped Apidra.

There's some recent data on clogging/site problems that suggest that Apidra is actually the worst performing of the Analogs, with Novorapid the best.


I get four days on my sets. I was having a lot of problems with the plastic canulas kinking, so I switched to the metal sets (not sure the minimed equivalent) and do fine. I don't notice any difference. With the metal sets they do pop out easier but you can just stick them back in and tape them down which you can't do with the plastic ones. I've had a couple instances of unexplained highs that absorption might have been a part of but I'm not sure. Most of the time I do just fine for those 4 days. I also prefer 43 inch tubing as it lets me feel less tethered. I can put the pump down to get dressed, etc.

I run mine (Medtronic Silhouettes, I agree with Jim335 about the 32" tubes, they are handy!) 4-5 days. I have't had any problems with them, maybe 2-3 episodes since 2008. I leave my setting the same.

I run mine (Insets & Inset30s) for 4 days. Days 3 & 4 often give the best BG results, in fact I have most problems on Day 1. Longer than 4 days & I tend to get a red mark at the insertion site, even though BGs are still good.

No lumps or bumps at all for me, Shawnmarie. (or any kind of irritation)

I use the Animas Ping, and I change my insertion site every 3 days, sometimes less. Not more, as it will get itchy and red. And yes, on Day 3, the bolus is SLOW acting. Pumping has lots of advantages--I have been a pumper for 16 years now, and would never go back. Sorry, can't answer your question about how generic the pump supplies are--I just go with Animas.

I use (and love) Medtronic. I wear my infusion set for 3 days unless there was a rare problem with the insertion, but my High BG or pump alarm would alert me to the fact fairly quickly. Insulin delivery is consistent for the 3 days.
My supplies are covered under provincial healthcare. So I don't generic.