Infusion set Issues

I have had the Animas One Touch Ping Since July of this year and before the Medtronic insulin pump. I have in the past 4 weeks been unable to get sites to last more than a couple hours to a day. I normally can get at least two days out of most sites. I contacted my representative and they gave me some samples. I normally use the inset and have tried both 6mm and 9mm with no success. I also has them send me some that were from a different lot and no difference still did not work. I have been using the contact detach and still same issue. The only I have not used is the inset 30's. I have put my infusion set in places I have never tried so I don't think it's scar tissue. so far no kinked cannula, two sites were red but no rashes or other skin issues. I am not sure what to differentlty. I had no issues with the medtronic quick sets and was doing fine with Animas insets until mid September. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I have never had this much trouble and It will get quite costly at this rate. I went through a month's supply in one week.

Tara I assume you are using I.V.Prep wipes??? before attaching the Comfort insets.

Had the same problem when I started pumping 4 years ago. I recommend Unomedicals Comfort Shorts. The only ones that work for me. I have very little body fat and use my legs exclusively. Also I use Mastisol as an adhesive. Honestly IV preps are a joke, waste of money for me anyway. Even Mastisol comes loose if I sweat a lot. Only thing is they are manual insertion, but I don't mind needles,having taking over 20,000 injections in 25 years prior to pumping... :0 :)

Another advantage to the Comforts are the lack of (imo) unnecessary plastic and waste that come with those auto injectors or whatever they call em.

Anyway that's my two or three cents. GL!

Looks like they are sold as Comfort Shorts without the Unomedical name on the Animas Estore. And Animas Comfort on other sites.

I have tried I.V. Prep bu my issue is the set. They stick quite well for me the issues is what could be causing the issue. I have not tired the Unomedical. I am willing to try almost anything because this issue is costing me way too much money at this point. Thanks for the tips.

I wish I could help. When I started my daugher on a pump (she was 3 1/2) we have the Animas Ping, we had same issues. We tried every site out there. Her cannulas always were bent and we changed sites constantly. After 6 months of that nonsense we began the untethered method: using an injection of Lantus for long lasting insulin and just using the pump to bolus. Wa la!! The cannulas don't bend and the sites last 3's not the most common regimen but it works for us!