Germany gets 'Rock of Love'

How sad is it when you get all excited about the prospect of seeing a show like “Rock of Love”? It just started this week on German MTV (yes, Germany is always behind the times) and I missed the first episode last night. Darn. (Man, it better just be subtitled and not dubbed into German like so many others! Agh!) I assume this show will be as annoying and disgusting as “Flavor of Love”, but … but… Bret’s a type 1 and they’re supposed to at least briefly mention his diabetes at times. And that’s a reason to watch, lolol =;-)

I know what you mean! I watched that show only due to the fact that he was a type 1. What a bad type 1 role model he is, way too much alcohol and way too many nasty girls! I wish that they would have spoken WAY more about his diabetes. In fact, I wish that more celebrities who have type 1 would speak out and speak up way more often. It would really help all of us out!

I was kind of proud, at first, that he was doing a show and maybe brining a little bit of light on type one diabetes. But then I watched the first season of the show and realized that it was pretty much going to be about slutty girls. And how slutty Brett can be around all these girls. Aaaaaand that is about it. They do mention that he can’t get ■■■■ faced drunk because he’s diabetic, that he needs to eat something during one of their challenges because he is diabetic and that he was once accused of ‘shooting up’ by a camera man because he got caught on film taking insulin. But those are the only ways it is mentioned. :-p

Wow, you’re not joking about the sluttiness. This IS worse than Flavor of Love. Reminds me of some of the wanna-be heavy metal groupies that were my friends in school in the 80’s, lol. Eeeek. After the first episode it will be hard to go on to the second. My husband said if we had a daughter he’d forbid her from watching MTV/VH-1. I added, " or a son, for that matter. Until they’re over 30 and understand why." LOL. We get the un-edited un-bleeped version in Germany, too, so there’s booze, hos and f-words flying. What incredible role models indeed.