Rock of Love

Okay, I admit it. I was a Rock of Love junkie. Really, I don’t watch a great deal of reality TV except American Idol, but the fact that Bret Michaels has Type 1 diabetes really hooked me. Not to mention that I think Poison was one of the best 80s bands ever.
The finally was Sunday night and it was down to 2 girls. He took them to Mexico and spent all day one day with one girl and all day the next day with the other girl.
Heather, the first girl, and Bret were out riding rail buggies in the desert and Bret said “I really need to go eat.” But they just stayed out there & she acted like she didn’t even know or worry. Finally they go to eat. All the time all I could think is "What a moron."
The next day with Jes, the second girl, they were about to have dinner & he started to have a really bad low. You could tell just by looking at him. All sweaty and his eyes looked funny and the whole deal. She walks in and automatically wants to know what’s wrong. He explains to her what’s going on and gets out his Glucagon pen and shows her how to use it if she ever needed to. She was really understanding and even cried because she said she was worried about him.
Now I guess the whole point of this discussion was to say that at the end he picked Jes (although for other reason). I think that was the right choice. As a diabetic I think that your significant other should have an understanding of your diabetes and be willing to care for you if something goes wrong.
What does everyone else think? Did anyone else watch this show?
(Yes, I know it was cheesy, but I couldn’t help myself!)