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Bret Michaels reality tv show

…Bret’s reality show on Vh1 starts on July 15, 2007, and runs for two-and-a-half months. Called “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels,” it pits 25 beautiful women against each other in a contest to win Bret’s affections. He describes the series as a genuine reality show, “as real as it gets,” and an honest attempt to find a girlfriend.

He adds, “I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life, a lot of crazy things, but this would be the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never dated in this fashion before, and the show is entertaining to say the least.” He reports that prior to the show, he’d always been either in a long-term relationship or on the road. Consequently, the standard rituals of courtship were unfamiliar to him, and much of the show’s humor is associated with watching him “stumble and bumble” through dates.

Bret’s contract mandates that the reality show clearly acknowledge his diabetes. It was very important to him to convey the fact that he has survived well with it for a long time. Obviously, how much of his daily life with diabetes is portrayed will depend upon how the show is edited. During the filming, however, he explained diabetes to all the women, and he tested his blood sugar and injected his insulin in front of them. All of them were interested and genuinely concerned, Bret says.

This seems kind of cool I will have to check it out and see what all they show the real world not dealing with diabetes. This should be interesting…! Thanks for the heads up.

Interesting. I am looking forward to seeing how much of the diabetes stuff is left in. I would love to see a lot left in as this is a constant part of Bret’s life, just like it is part of all of our lives. It could be a great way to get some real life education out to the public.

I used to love Poison (still cannot rid my system of 80’s glamour rock entirely). I think Bret really used to keep his diabetes quiet…or media never picked up on it. When I listened to his band years ago, I never knew he was diabetic. I only learned about his diabetes approx. 5 years ago. I am happy that they are bringing it to the forefront. I’m a huge fan of reality tv and now that I have something in common with this one, I’ll be sure to watch. Thanks for sharing!

WhooHoo! I always thought it was amazing that he not only survived the “rock and roll lifestyle”, but managed to keep what appears to be rather good control over his diabetes.

I agree–I hope that they don’t edit too much of the “diabetic stuff” out of the show, it would be wonderful for the general audience to see what we have to do every day. I can’t wait for the show to air!

I had no clue Bret was diabetic… :S

This is an old post, so wanted to bring it back from the bottom. Now that this show has been on awhile, do you watch it? Do you find it as appalling as I do? The show is awful, and the couple of times I have tried to watch it the show mentioned nothing about diabetes. Perhaps they do occasionally, but I just can’t imagine it. This guy is a train wreck in my opinion. Not a roll model for diabetics in any way shape or form. Especially if you read other media about him. It is quite sad really.

i find it to be trashy. not something i’ll watch again

Oooh, it’s trainwreck type of trashy! Yes, I’m sorry, I always recorded it. He barely mentions diabetes but we were talking about it the other day and although so much of the show is drinking, when I think back, I don’t think Bret drinks that much in the shows. I think there were a few times that he showed himself being low and having to leave what they were doing to go get juice.

Unfortunately in the latter seasons the D is barely mentioned. Last season I don’t think it came up at all beyond him not drinking too much, too often. Too bad, this could have been a real example of managing the D and living a wild and active life. I know it is trashy but I can’t help but watch, it’s like watching a train wreck, LOL

Yes, this could have been one of those shows that taught something along the way, all the while entertaining us. I can see how people can’t help to watch. I have watched shows for this same reason, especially “reality” ones. I just wish the guy would grow up somewhat. I know, a lot to ask. Jerry Springer is trashy, and I have such a good time watching that. This one is not my cup of tea. You see him on this show being mister party, and the does psa’s for diabetes. Just conflicting information for those that do not know about D.