Germany-Healthcare stem cell therapy treatment, legit?

I’ve been in contact with regarding their stem cell treatment program and they said it costs €30,000. They want some of my labs and then discuss further plans going forward. The site seems fairly legit but I was wondering if anyone else had any information about this place

They use a process called exosomes

Actually, it all looks quite vague to me. Excellent medical team. Good reputation of German specialists. OK, so who are the specialists? Can we look up their credentials in the database of the medical association in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia? Germany Healthcare’s managing director has a degree in pharmacy, not medicine. Excellent hospitals. Which hospitals? Do they cooperate with local hospitals in Bonn? What exactly is the goal of their therapy? Is there any scientific evidence to support their stem cell therapy?
I tried to find information in German about this company, but I can’t find anything, except for a short mention in an interview with the director. Why is their website only in English and Arabic?
You should be very cautious before you spend 30,000 euros on this vague treatment.