Getting Sponsorship from Big Pharm

Hello Everyone!

I am doing a long distance bike trip this summer. For anyone who is knows the province of PEI, I am going to be biking the coastal highway over 5 days ( or about 125K a day).
There will be about 10 of us doing it and I was hoping to do it for Diabetes, raise some money for reseach.
Does anyone know how to contact big pharma ?

Well, you can contact them, but they already are strategically and specifically involved in a huge number of charitable efforts. Why should they work with you? Instead, would it not be better to seek sponsorship from other companies that are perhaps not all tightly connected in the middle of the diabetes? There are quite a few businesses in Halifax and Nova Scotia. If I were you I would convince some of them to sponsor you. You might also consider hooking with the ADA tour de cure. I know someone at ADA who works on the Tour de Cure who might be able to set you up. Even if it doesn’t work out, they might have good fundraising suggestions. You can also check out their site.