Help starting a diabetes BMX team

Hi guys!

My name is Matt and I have raced BMX most of my life. I was diagnosed type 1 year ago and I have recently started racing again. My first race back was a national event in Reno and I got 7th Saturday and 4th Sunday (1/2 inch from 3rd!). I raced a couple of state qualifier races the past two weekends and won both of those. I am looking to start my own team or gather some sponsors for myself. I would really like to get some diabetes related sponsors together because BMX does not currently have any.

My goal with racing now (other than the fact that I've done it my whole life and I really enjoy the sport) is to raise awareness about diabetes. I also want to inspire others to lead an active lifestyle. I know that many people are afraid to try new things because there is always the fear that BG levels will fluctuate. I had those fears too and I was able to overcome them and hopefully I can help others overcome their fears as well.

I'm looking to you guys for some direction as to who you think I should reach out to in the diabetes community for support. Let me know of any companies that you can think of who may be willing to sponsor a BMX athlete.



My brother was a BMX athelete, up until he moved onto Cycling, in his late 20s… He has Type 2, now. I should nag him about this. lol He still rides, and stuff, sometimes. He won many, many championships, in his prime. The Panamerican BMX Championship was established by my father, in the 1980s… who extended an invitation to Colombia, and other Latin American nations, like Venezuela, to participate… He was the president of the Puerto Rican BMX Association, as well as the President of the Puerto Rican Olympic Cycling Federation. My dad died of Type 2 Diabetes.

A lot of companies are willing to sponsor… Particularly, talk to bicycle shops, and local businesses. For us, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi, always worked. (I know, horrible places… but hey, they always gave us water, and sodas for when people needed to quickly replenish carbs. They also paid for uniforms. If you want, I can talk my brother… and suggest him to add you on Facebook, or something. He doesn’t come on TuD.

That’s awesome, thanks Lizmari! I am on Facebook so have your brother look me up!

Maybe you can help me find you there… cus there’s like a million Matt Neal’s. lol

lol, I am in Phoenix, AZ. I think that will help narrow the search :slight_smile: