Glad that lot is out of my system

Life is wonderful and down right nasty at times often in the same breath I have to believe in God otherwise what really is the point,is this all it is sleep wake up and in between achieve little or nothing I often ask why me God and then think to myself why not that way some other poor soul might be getting some relief from the daily drudge of injections and medications blood testing consultations and in my case memory loss tiredness and depression,I have often wondered when you are born is all the above already locked deep inside your brain/body just waiting for someone to press the button if so can I please retun me to where I was before I wa born a bit like the big bang theory one instance there is nothing the next everyting to make us the Universe and heavens knows what,of course in my 64 years soon to be 65 in June I was part of a family of had a mom dad nan grandad uncles aunts all that or those that went before me, fell in love still are to the same Angel I married 45 years ago had three daughters soon to be 4 as one of my sons tells us he is gender something a woman born into a mans body,(where did that come from)5 grand children who I love to cuddle they do make you feel younger even if grandpa cannot play hide and seek anymore.
Getting back to wonderful/nasty who is tosay how ones life works out the sad thing is most times i have had a choice to make the path I trod has een filled with pot holes and on coming traffic who rarely slow down a couple of times I have been hit by a passing truck,to be gonest I am feeling sorry for myself and should be grateful for every second God has given me.