Glooko and Diasend Merging

The two companies are merging and will consolidate their apps under Glooko sometime in the future.

As I understand it Diasend will go away eventually

We plan to integrate all of the best features from the current Diasend mobile and web apps into future versions of the unified [Glooko] offering. Details of this will be determined in the coming months, there will be a transition period, and all users will be informed well in advance to ensure a timely transition.

… and all its goodies will be put into Glooko

The Glooko product line, including Glooko’s mobile and web applications, will remain and soon become greatly enhanced by the integration of numerous popular Diasend features – as well as their support for data uploads from those 140+ diabetes devices, including Animas and Tandem insulin pumps.

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I’m not familiar with Glooko but I used the Diasend site for a few years. I liked the fact that I could view meter, CGM, and pump data all in the same report. Via the pump’s carb bolus feature, I could also monitor my carb consumption. In addition, Diasend rolled in exercise data from my FitBit. Unfortunately, due to some legal constraint, Diasend could not display my exercise data gathered from FitBit as an overlay across the period of the day.

I look forward to see what Glooko can do with this combo. I currently find the DexCom Clarity 14-day standard day report as the single best and concise display of actionable data in an obvious and visible graphic.

I’m all for removing all proprietary data sequestering by the various D-tech manufacturers.

Omnipod uses Glooko. I have DL’d it for PC and my android phone. It’s the way we get our data (BG’s, Carbs, Bolus/Basal rates) from our PDM to the Providers / Omnipod without the need of scanning/faxing hard logs. It’s an auto update system. Pretty cool actually and there is value in it so far that we’ve found!

With regards to propietary data I look at like this…if my data helps advance the cure or technology advances for T1 / T2 as a whole, then I’m fine with data being provided (even though I’m speaking for my toddler son right now…who may NOT be fine with it.). But if the data isn’t being used for advances, then I’d not see any value and wouldn’t be OK with it.

I was happy to see this comment in the linked article about Tidepool:

We’re also thrilled to see our friends at the non-profit open-source data group Tidepool sharing in the excitement about this merger – despite their stance as would-be competitors.

“We want Glooko+Diasend to succeed,” D-Dad and Tidepool founder Howard Look wrote on the company’s blog. “Their success means the ecosystem we believe in is growing and sustaining. And we genuinely hope that our efforts will foster their success, which will be for the good of the entire Diabetes Community.”