Omnipod vs Minimed

Hey guys, I’m a T1D but not a current pump user. I’m doing my technical report for my degree on a comparative analysis between the Omnipod and the Minimed Paradigm. I’m wondering if anyone could provide me on how their software matches up? I’m looking at the Diasend software for the Omnipod with a small section on the Glooko app as well. For the Minimed I’m looking at the Carelink software.



Having only used the OmniPod system and Dexcom CGM on my daughter, I can only comment on them. They both run quite well with Diasend.

I’m not sure if this is out of line or not so forgive me if it is haha! Do you have any screen shots available of what graphs and other features look like? Tough to find any with actual data online. I signed up on the site but don’t see much there either.

my OmniPod, & Dexcom, work ok on Diasend,.