Goal Tracker App

American Association of Diabetes Educators has created an app called Goal Tracker, which aims to help people with diabetes identify and achieve health-related goals such as healthy eating, remembering medications, coping with stress and more. It's available for free download to Android and iPhone; search the app store for AADE Diabetes Goal Tracker.

Once you've had a chance to try it, please post your comments below!

I do like how this app addresses the other aspects of diabetes. Taking care of you the person, not just you the diabetic. It's not just physical health but also mental health like taking time for meditation. I could see non-diabetics benefiting from parts of this app. I still need to explore it further, but these are my initial thoughts.

I love it! It even reminds you to check in. The one thing I don't like is you cannot view all of your goals at once. It seems that it would be more expedient to have them all on one page. Otherwise, I think it's great, and I use it everyday.