GoCARB App counts carbs

A team of the University of Bern has developed an App which counts carbs when you take a picture of your plate. I heard the App is due to be released in late summer/ early fall, but as we all know, I wouldn't take that for granted.

What do you think about that? Would you trust it? Or still count carbs in your head?


I wonder if this app would crash trying to calculated the carb content of a typical U.S. meal.

I would use it, but only as a backup. I'm a 'belt and suspenders' kind of gal. A former accountant--check and verify. :-)

Funny FHS...probably give the message "unable to compute" or like GPS "recalculating".

I would try it, hard to believe it would be accurate, but it would be interesting to compare our estimates to what the app calculates.

Or if, after analyzing the food on the plate, asks, "Are you diabetic?"

My gut says the same thing, but I've been quite amazed at what audio and video sensing systems are increasingly capable of.

In theory, since we can do it, a sophisticated enough algorithm should be able to do as well or better.

Remember how bad voice recognition systems were 10 years ago? Required training, could only understand the speaker who trained the system, etc. etc. etc.

Now, my new Ford Focus ST (YAY!!! Picked it up Friday...) can understand a great deal of what I, my wife, kids, etc. tell it without any training, and with surprisingly few errors.

In fact, the female voice for MyFord Touch is so real and sexy, we're having an affair during my commute.