Need Input....Cycling with an insulin pump

As the date for the big switch draws near I was wondering how diabetic cyclists out there deal with keep their insulin pumps safe while on the bike? Wearing traditional “cycling” clothing (jersey and shorts) doesn’t leave a lot of room anywhere to store the pump. Do you throw it in you jersey pocket or what? Thanks in advance for your input.

Cut a small hole in the back of a cycling jersey pocket, throw your pump in the pocket and string the pump tubing through the hole, then attach to your body. I just rode 70 miles in the Tour De Cure that way and it worked great. The jerseys are fine when washed and don’t fall apart. Good luck.

Thanks Kate for the input!

I never had any problem placing the pump. The most dangerous thing is the cars!!!
I found that if you use a “dingle” flag, it forces cars to move over 1.5to 2 feet and gives you more clearance. It is basically the top of a bike flag cut to about 2.5 feet or so long, laid sidways on the back of your bike and bungeed down. It works really well as cars will focus on the flag as the move over point, not on your rear wheel…
Best of luck…

Interesting idea, never thought of that. Thanks Bob

A trick I used at an amusement park (I love roller coasters!), Take a new ace bandage (got to be a new one with a good bit of elasticity), and wrap it around a body part of your choice (I strapped it around my abs). Or, try an MP3 player case, strap it to your arm so it’s accessible if you need to lower your basal or deliver a bolus. You can thread your tubing through your sleeve. Hey, maybe that’s what I’ll do next time I’m at Six Flags! My problem is the darned glucose meter and where to put that!