New to Dexcom G4 and travel

I am new to the Dexcom and I have a question. I am a frequent traveler for my job. I assume you just put the receiver on the belt to get x-rayed. Is this the best option. I never detach my pump and walk through either the standard scanner or the whole body scanner and never had issues. Not sure if this is an option with my receiver.

If you go through with the receiver (which isn't attached to your body), I think you'll get stopped (at least, I'd HOPE you'd get stopped, but I've never tried it so I don't know for certain).Truthfully, you're fine putting both in the basket for the time it takes to get through the checkpoint. If they're the last things you put on the conveyor belt before you go through, it just isn't enough time to make any difference as far as BG.
I've found that internationally, the pump can sometimes set off the gate scanner so I just take it off for the minute it takes to go through. Stateside, on the other hand, it's more of a pain to have to wave off the "oh you DON'T need to take that off, sir, it's ok!!!" that the agent will do to make sure they're aren't' responsible if anything happens (which it won't). I just take off both; not worth the hassle of getting stopped.

When i travel, I put the receiver on the belt and I tell them that I cant go through the x-ray machine, but I do the one that spins around you.

The Dexcom manual specifically states that you should not put the receiver through the x-ray machine. I'm not sure that TSA will let you keep it clipped to your belt, but my understanding is that metal detectors or body scanners will not damage the receiver. I hand it to the TSA agent and ask that it be hand-checked. I've had no problems doing so. They just hand it back to me on the other side of the body scanner after swabbing it for explosives. I've only traveled domestically since getting my CGM, so not sure about international travel.

Here is the info directly from the Dexcom manual:

It is safe for you to go through the metal detector or be “handwanded”
while wearing your Dexcom sensor and transmitter. If you’re concerned
or uncomfortable about going through the walk-through metal detector,
the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) states that you should
notify the Security Office that you’re wearing a continuous glucose
monitor and would like a full-body pat-down and a visual inspection of
your Dexcom Sensor and Transmitter instead. Advise the Security Office
that the sensor cannot be removed because it is inserted under the skin.
Instead of putting your Dexcom G4 PLATINUM System through the
x-ray, request that the TSA officer perform a visual inspection. This
must be requested before the screening process begins. Your Dexcom
G4 PLATINUM components that are not attached to your body (e.g.,
receiver, extra sensors) should be ready in a separate bag when you
approach the Security Officer. For other medical supplies, such as
medications, meters and strips, check the manufacturer’s instructions or
the TSA website.
You may keep the receiver on before take-off, while in flight and after
landing. The Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Continuous Glucose Monitoring
System is safe for use on U.S. commercial airlines. The Dexcom G4
PLATINUM Transmitter is an M-PED with emission levels that meet
RTCA/DO160, Section 21, Category M. Per FAA Advisory, Circular #91-
21, 1B, dated 8/25/06. Any M-PED that meets this standard in all modes
may be used onboard the aircraft without any further testing by the
operator. This device can withstand exposure to common electrostatic
(ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

I have not followed Dexcom's instructions and have put my receiver through the xray machine. The newer technology scanner finds my sensor and my pod from my insulin pump so I have to be checked. My experience has been as soon as the words "medical device" leave my lips, the TSA agents back off. They tell me I do not have to show them the devices however they do ask me to touch the device and then they swab my hand for explosives testing.

I have only flown internationnally to Canada. Some airports still use the magnometers (Toronto City Island comes to mind) and the sensor never shows up. The pod usually doesn't show up either.