Going to see Van Halen next week

God I hope my sugars run OK.

That would be worth testing logging and Lantusing for, the trifecta! Have a great time!

they will prob go off the charts, but worth the short term inconvenience for vh!

I hope they do too. I've been a Van Halen fan for a long time. I'm envious, have a good time. Gary S

They were the first live concert I went to back in 1983. The old DLR stuff is in a league of its own. Nothing really touches it. Though Dave can't sing like he used to the band sounds great live this tour. Though in general I don't get to excited anymore about going to concerts and really don't go to them anymore I felt I need to force myself out to try and enjoy something. If I don't end up feeling well it will ruin the whole night. Anything but high sugar. I am always prepared for the lows.

Be optimistic my friend. There's a saying that if you aim for nothing you will hit it every time. So be optimistic and aim for a good time.

Gary S

I was sort of jacked up by the new concerts being announced and went through my ipod and made a VH playlist and only came up with about 13 songs (although I don't have Diver Down or Fair Warning, which also have some killer songs...) but those songs kill! To me, they really take me back to when I was like 15 and they were at the height of their powers, sort of instant "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" buzz? I sort of got away from them and got more into punk/ alternative (which wasn't called alternative then...) towards the late 1980s but I've always liked the vibe from listening to VH.