Any Diabetic Dead Heads?

Just a wondering who else has had a long strange trip? Any featured shows worth mentioning? After all Mr Garcia was a diabetic!!

I was a police officer and worked off duty security at the hotel they all stayed at in 1989. strange brew of people.They were All stoned.

I wasn't a huge Deadhead while they were still around but saw them at Alpine Valley, in Wisconsin, on a summer tour, maybe 1987? I like them a lot these days and am enjoying the Dave's Picks series as they arrive in my mailbox. I mostly listen to one playlist composed of my favorite chunks of shows and some of the studio stuff. A lot of the recordings I've heard have great parts and meh parts so I put the ones I like onto the list and hit *shuffle albums* and rock on.

I remember a show in Westchester... 1969 maybe? Truckin' is my ringtone, gets a lot of smiles LOL. D sure is a long strange trip.....