Good and bad with your pump?

I’m looking at getting a new pump, right now I’m using the cozmore. I need some input into other pumps? What do you like and dislike about the pump your using at the time? I know everyone’s different and every situation is different,So just give it to me straight :slight_smile: And if this is already on the Discussion board please let me know. thanks

You can try searching by any of the pump names in the Search box of the Forum. You will find lots of useful discussions and ideas.

You will also find that everyone thinks their pump is the BEST! Do some research and you will find the one that is best for you!

I just made the switch from Cozmo to MM. I have also been on Animas but that was 3 years ago an the IR1000.
Customer Service: I liked Animas best, but that was before Johnson and Johnson got them. I have no idea what it is like now.
Res Size: MM is the only company out there with a 300 unit res. (this is why I went with them)
Controls: I don’t see a lot of differences. I liked the Cozmo Bolus Wizard a bit better but they do the same thing.
Meter: I like the detached meters better than the Cozmore system. Wireless is cool.
CGMS: I like the CGMS built into the pump. We will see about accuracy, which has a lot of people switching away from MM CGMS.
Sets: I liked the Deltec sets better. I have some issues with clogging or something witht the quicksets. I am going to try the sure-T’s. Maybe I just need a different style.
Really I don’t have any complaints with mm, Deltec, or Animas. I liked all of them. I wish Deltec wouldn’t have left the market. I would have liked to see their next gen gear. I also wish Animas made a 300 unit res so we had more to chose from when you use large doses. Good luck.

Disetronics (Accu-chek) has a 315 unit res (they call them cartridges).

Make sure your doctor and diabetes educator uses the pump you pick, otherwise they won’t be much help. I chose the MM because of size, but would like the Animas because of the integrated meter/remote.

I also wanted to find something more “common” so my CDE’s knew which buttons to push etc… Jessica has that right. I have used the same doc’s office since I started pumping and they have let me use anything but have been much more helpful with MM. I think that made more sense in my head. Sorry.

Kristin is VERY right… everyone likes their pump best. I am switching off a deltec to an omnipod. I posted this discussion recently… but dont know how to find it for you as I type this. I know you can click my name and it will show you my discussions, so that might help get you there.

I chose an omnipod because after looking at the pumps and the features I felt like every tubed option, although they had improvements from my current, were a side step. Every pump I get has been an upgrade. The features among the pumps that everyone was so excited about, I already had. So I went with the pod. Its my 4th pump and I wanted something new. The deltec was new back 4 years ago with the cozmonitor. Tubeless seemed the coolest, so I went with that.

Can I say I like it better… ask me next week. I go to training on Friday.