Good Deeds Never go un-noticed

I thank god for everyone who lends a helping hand, who cares about others they don’t know.

After a rough 6 weeks toting around medical records, cooler, supplies case (which is not so small), my purse and a diaper bag… I have had enough. When all the bags tip over my stroller after I take my daughter out, a doctor chewed me out and said what if your daughter had tipped over with that mess? I decided to ask all the ladies who have working sewing machines to help me come up with a bag that would serve as every bag I toted around as one bag that would cut down the bulk and I could carry.
I posted an add and one woman replied saying she knew a woman who made purses and other bags that held up to daily use better than any bag out on the market. I went and met with this woman and told her my Idea of all the uses I need and I would pay for all the supplies and for her services. She told me her friend’s daughter was diagnosed as type 1 just a week prior and she understood all the things that she goes through and how hard it is to take care of a diabetic child. She is making this bag for free and it is fully functional to all my uses and can easily be carried!
Thanks to people who care and genuinely are kind… I have help and a new friend. I will post the bag she is making for me later this month 
~Sophia’s Mommy – Marie H

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your very much welcome.