On a quest for the Perfect Diabetes Mom Handbag

I have this purse. It’s made of heavy black vinyl and it’s ugly as sin, but I carry it because it’s roomy without being huge, and it has multiple pockets. It’s big enough for all the usual contents of a purse (wallet, keys, checkbook, comb, business cards, pad of paper, the wide variety of plastic and paper cards that accumulate as if by magic, loose change, pens, hair do-dads, and so on) plus the things that a paranoid mother of a child with diabetes carries “just in case” (extra BG meter, glucagon kit, glucose tabs, lollipops, alcohol wipes, spare tubing for infusion set). I love it for its size and many easily sealed pockets; I hate it because it’s heavy and black and ugly.

So the other day, I was in the marketplace in downtown Portland and I spotted a vendor who was selling handmade cloth bags -- BEAUTIFUL, every one of them. I couldn't help myself - I went, I looked, I bought. The cute little carpet bag I bought is much more aesthetically satisfying, but it doesn't have the storage capacity or organizational benefits of the Black Beast. BUT... I talked a bit with the lady who was selling the bags, who makes them herself. Mentioned (wistfully) that I had long wished for The Perfect Diabetes Mom Handbag, one that was roomy like my Black Beast, but colorful and attractive and oh, yes, wouldn't it be great if it had an insulated pocket for carrying insulin? She said she thought that she could make such a bag, and we dissected what I liked and disliked about the Black Beast for a while before I said I'd give it some thought and let her know if I wanted her to undertake the challenge. If I wind up doing it, I'll be posting pictures somewhere down the line!

Let me know…the only thing I hate more than diabeties is my boat anchor handbag. Soon Eric will be big enough to shoulder a backpack of supplies but you will still be carring the Felix the Cat bag.

I’m a bag lady, and even without having to take all the things you need to take with kids, I’d love to see them. All my bags seem so heavy once I get all my own supplies etc in it…that my ortho suggested to carry a tote and a purse…too much work. So I hope she will want to share her wares.

I’d love to see it also. Great idea about the insulated pocket.

I’m working on the design for my own bag to carry all my diabetes needs. Have you seen the Adorn Messenger bag? It really looks like a good design, but its out of my price range and doesn’t quite fit my needs. It might work for you.

The Adorn Messenger bag is half off if you buy it in navy blue. Just thought I’d mention that!

The DeSang bag is also a very good design and can slip inside a tote or other larger bag.

I just looked up the DEsang bags and Adorn bags, I think although both are very nice. Adorn is a little pricey for my range, and the other is more like what I have right now. I want something a little classier…but as usual, I am not willing pay a classier price. Anyone else have a bag they love that isn’t high end expensive?

Hi. There is some good stuff on discount for TuDiabetes members, including Adorn Bags. Look under Resources, listed at the top of the page, then Discounts. Adorn bags are 15% off. I have the Messenger bag and love it. Trudy

I looked, and those are nice, serviceable bags… but I want something CUTE. Those are very plain. I want something more along the lines of the one I bought from the bag maker, but with the features of these serviceable bags. Like this (sorry, you may have to turn your head sideways to get the full picture - not sure why my computer won’t save the image the way I want it to!):

I’m visualizing it in that exact position as I run for the train. Very girlie! I’d have to buy new shoes to match the style. This bag says I’d rather dance than nurse. Let us know if the maker can modify…

who says you can’t have it all??? :slight_smile: