Good Doctor for Chronic UTI treatment in San Diego


Does anyone know how to treat chronic UTI. My husband has UTI over 2 months now. A day or two after antibiotics, UTI returns.

He took Cipro and Macrobid.

Any info. is greatly appreciated.

Diana, I got a UTI immediately after my yearly bladder check for cancer. First I was angry that the procedure gave me a UTI, and then I was very, very frustrated to go through three different antibiotics before finally getting rid of the infection. Unfortunately I don’t know of any doctors in San Diego, but just want to say I understand you and your husband’s frustration since I just went through this. I think you guys just need to keep trying antibiotics until one works. The culture showed that all of the meds I tried should have killed the infection, but only the third med I tried worked successfully.

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Are you currently seeing a urologist or primary doctor?

We see a urologist, but the medicines give by this Dr are not working.

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for the info.

Which medicine (does) worked for you and how days did you take?

For my husband case, the UTIs returned 2 to 3 days after finishing a course of medicine. So I wonder that taking more days may help.


Here is info from webmd, listing several meds.


Did the doctor do a culture?

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Maybe the Urologist needs to keep the course going for a longer time.

Hi MM1,

Yes. each time when there was an infection, there was a culture. He took Cipro and Macrobid which culture showed they should have worked. But, UTI kept coming back and he now still has it.

Thanks for UTI list.

I took the generic for Macrodantin for a week, then Cipro for a week and then Amoxicillin for 10 days. My experience was the same as your husband’s. I would be off the antibiotic for a day or two and the symptoms would return. I am so glad to be finally rid of it. I hadn’t had a UTI in decades.

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for your response.

I am glad you got rid of it. Based on your experience, taking multiple antibiotics over a long period. You did it consecutively, right?

Macrodantin 7
Cipro 7
Amoxicillin 10


Yes, I took each of them them with a day or two inbetween. Hope your husband is better very soon.


Dr says my husband may have bladder structure problem that bacteria in urine can not be emptied out. He may need a small surgery.

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He needs to have a culture done to find out what bacteria is causing his UTI. Then have the bacteria tested for antibiotic resistance. I have had an on going UTI since Sept 2016 which is caused by strain of E-coli resistant to 5 antibiotics including Cipro and Macrobid. I now have a urologist, infectious disease doctor and a nephrologist. It was decided to let it be. Antibiotics were damaging my kidneys. I get injections to keep my immunity up. So far, kidneys are maintaining function. It is still a worry and concern on the long term to have that stuff in my kindneys.

Hi Barb17,

I am sorry to hear your UTI issue.

My husband had very similar situation as you are having and it turned out the Dr found his bladder has a diverticulum that kept E-Coli to restart UTI after each antibiotics. He almost got ready for surgery, then we found an article

He followed some suggestions above (for cranberry, he takes cranberry bills) and get his Dr approval. UTIs seem not to bother him at the moment.

You may ask your DR. about it.

Take care.