Got my 630 insulin pump today

No, I didn’t. The tubing doesn’t bother me.

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I’m wondering how far out they will extend the 630 offer?If they extend it way out there, we can use our Ping or Vibe and make a decision later. If they throw a deadline on it, I assume they will force people to trade in the Animas pump.

from the information i got with all of the companies is with the t-slim its best to wait until your warranty is over unless you want to pay the $999 they offer to animas users. with medtronics i think it just may be in my state but to get the 670g its $1299 and you get back like $400 or something like that. so they are giving you the 630g for animas customers instead of the 670. plus if you are on medicare, etc they wont let you get the 670g. only the 630g. im not sure about omnipod. i didnt want a bulky thing on my arm, stomach, etc. but i wonder if i turn in my vibe. i wonder if they will take my ping too as i didnt have to return that one when i got my vibe.

You get to keep the Ping. You trade in the Vibe if the warranty is still valid. Only Animas pumps with warranty still remaining, are qualified to get the free 630G offer. If your Animas warranty is expired as of their cut-off date, then you have to buy the new 630G, perhaps at a discounted price.

perhaps…im just going based on what ive been told

I think I will return my animas vibe, as there are a few more bells & whistles on the 630. I like the smartguard technology as it will suspend my basal if I don’t answer a low, assuming my cgm is accurate. I also don’t have to worry about this company going out of business, as they are well established.

With Animas, when they gave me a replacement pump due to defect, they asked for the old defective pump back ASAP with a week deadline, if not received, they will charge my credit card. I assume the same deal with replacement pump with medtronic. Same deal with upgrading to Animas 2020 from Cozmo. By the way, Cozmo became bankrupt due to litigation fight with medtronic with patent breach. This brings to question did Animas also lose a court battle with medtronic with part of the settlement to switch Animas customers to medtronic? hmmmm. Medtronic is goliath, all the others are small compared to it, financially. Who’s next to fall? Tandem? Oh no!

That is something worth considering. I will find out for sure if I have a period when I start on it, if I don’t like what are my options. There really aren’t too many insulin pump companies left. I think I will like it and get used to it.

Keep one or the other. Dont tell them you have two! :wink:

I have to return the Vibe within 30 days of receiving the 630g. I don’t think I will be late returning it as my pump training is all set for March26. I really don’t know what the big problem is. Is there something wrong with dealing with medtronic?

I was writing Amy about her two Animas pumps I think…?? :slight_smile:

Animas informed Medtronic which pump is still on warranty. They are all unique with serial numbers. You give them the right pump or they will bill your credit card.