Tandem in Canada

Just curious if anyone has heard anything about Tandem in Canada? Like most Animas users having to choose Medtronic, Omnipotent, would love. 3rd option. I am very much considering the Tandem if it ever comes north of the 49th parallel.


Funny you should say. SiggyB. A member of the forum just informed me that it should be coming to Canada this year.

I wonder just what an omnipotent Omnipod could treat besides diabetes! :wink: Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Sometimes autocorrect has a sense of humor!

Yes, it would be nice to have more pump choices. Maybe Tandem will be just what you’re looking for. Good luck with selecting your next pump.

I am an Animas vibe user and was also thinking of a Tandem pump when it comes to Canada, but after I thought and read about the medtronic company being the most advanced in the technology I’m thinking I should be able to get the most innovative pump and not have to worry so much about the company leaving the insulin pump business.

I am very excited with the Growth of Tandem. Each quarter as it releases its corporate earnings statement, in my opinion, this is a growing company with a very bright future.

If a much larger corporation is more comfortable for you then certainly Medtronic may fit your criteria.

However as Johnson & Johnson (ie - Animas) has so clearly demonstrated, the size along of a company may not necessarily indicate their future intentions. That being said, there is absolutely no indication of Medtronic leaving the pump market.

Everybody must decide for themselves what is in their own best interest.

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Yes, they are. I received a message from them stating that I could be added to their email database that would keep me updated on their move to Canada.

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Really? This is great news. I have been using a medtronic pump for many years, I am very interested in the Tandem!!!

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Here is a site to follow on Tandem’s introduction to Canada…“Redirecting...

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Make sure you read up on user reviews. Reddit is a good source. Most of the feedback I’ve read is that the tandem t2 slim and dexcom CGM combo is the preferred way to go. I’ve read a lot of negative feedback regarding the 630g size and enlite sensor accuracy. The 670g sounds a bit better but of course isn’t in Canada yet either.

tandem is the closest to the vibe and unlike medtronic diabetes is all tandem does and they partner with dexcom as well which also only does diabetes and is more accurate than their cgms and not known as the harpoon for the massive bruises i am not interested in getting used to that. the g5 is integrated the same as the g4 is with our vibes and every time they make a new pump it is available for us to download so instead of waiting five years for new tech like with any other company each new pump released is yours if you look at the website i think depending on the year it was posted in a 5 or 6 year span 5 new pumps were made , 5 leaps in tech with any other company we would miss out on with tandem we are given the opportunity to have. i cant wait for tandem who plans to be in Ontario later this year having already applied to health Canada. also its the size of of credit card !

Seems sneaky that the Animas pumps are going/gone and we had to switch to Medtronic or Omnipod BEFORE the option of Tandem becomes available. I feel like I am STUCK with a pump brand that I didn’t want, for the next 4 years. It’s like being unable to drink anything other than one brand of diet pop and watching everyone else in the world have CHOICES you can’t have. It sucks.

It continue to be an option to run the Animas pump.

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I agree with this. People weren’t forced to switch. Animas supplies are still available through Medtronic.

My Ping has been out of warranty for three years, but as long as it continues delivering insulin and supplies continue to be available, I’ll stick with it until something I like comes along.

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That was our situation. We were two years past warranty and not really sure what we wanted so were just waiting until we came to a firm decision. Then the case of the Animas Ping cracked (badly) so we decided we needed to choose from the currently available options.

Yeah, my battery compartment cracked so badly that a chunk of plastic fell off. :slight_smile: I just taped it up with electrical tape and it’s been fine for the past year. The screen on my Ping is also quite dim, but that’s OK for me because I can hardly see it anyway. I use the audio bolus 90% of the time and have most of the menus memorized. (I do use my iPhone magnifier to see it when I need to do something like precise tweaking of basal rates or enter a complex bolus, and that works quite well.)

I will say I’m quite careful to keep my pump away from water. Being able to swim with my pump and not worry about it when it rains out is one thing I am looking very forward to when I get a new pump (whichever brand I end up with).

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My Animas was getting a lot of glitches…

Mine has had “not primed” glitches numerous times and I need to re-enter the time/date every time I change the battery. But so far no glitches that affected my BG.

did you pay more to upgrade? animas only said we were stuck with them from sept 19 to 2020 or early 2021. after that you were still free to make any choice. i called tandem the day i got the 1st letter and they knew Canada was their first Country to branch out to. they have an email list and it was all over when they applied to health Canada saying they’d be here by the summer. a little nail bitting and patience but omnipod is also giving options appartently too.

they would not send you a replacement?

Sadly, it happened about a month after the warranty ended.