Got some Medtronic CGMS sensors I'm not going to use

Hi all, I’ve just switched back to the Dexcom and MDI after a year and a half of being on the pump using the Medtronic Paradigm pump and CGMS. As a result, I’ve got some extra Medtronic sensors that expire at the end of this month and that I’m not going to be using. (The Medtronic CGMS did not work as well for me as the Dexcom, in particular it missed a lot of my lows completely, though I know some others find this not to be the case.)

It seems a terrible waste to let them expire and toss them, does anyone know of an organization that would accept them as a donation?

My daughter just got put on a CGM thru Medtronics. I was wonering that maybe if you could donate the censors to my daughter. You see for me it’s hard to get her the censors because Medicaid doesn’t cover them at all. We are a low-income family, I’m unemployed and can’t afford the on my own. Please consider my case and donate them to us.

You won’t find any official program that will take them as they require a Rx and there is no way they could insure the integrity of the product.

You best bet, IMO, is to donate them to someone who needs them though you do have to keep in mind that it is ‘technically’ not legal to give someone else a RX only product unless they have a valid Rx and you have a license to dispense the product. No one is going to care unless there is some problem, of course.

Yes, but shipping them through the mail over state lines to someone might make this a federal felony (a lovely effect of our system, protecting big pharma profits at the expense of people’s health, as opposed to those where prescriptions matter for insurance coverage but the government does not attempt to make possession of medicals a criminal act…).

I wonder if you could go through a doctor who would verify that the person in question had a prescription before dispensing them directly. Hmmmmm.

Stephany’s mom, why don’t you send me the name of your doctor and I’ll give him/her a call.