Chocolatey Goodness... Order up!

I thought I would start a thread that we can all post finds of companies with wonderful chocolatey goodness without the carbs and yet all the flavor…

I would like to start with Figi’s!!! My grandmother sends these tins to me on holidays and they are spectacular!!! The chocolate peanutbutter cups are sooo soft and melty it tastes amazing!!! Plus, you don’t have to worry about the carb intake like you do with most “sugarfree” or “diabetic friendly” foods… It legitimately cuts the carbs down to half if not more with Figi’s chocolates… I prefer the peanutbutter cups and the peppermint patties… The calories aren’t too horrible either!


Thanks for this link - I’m a big peanut butter/chocolate fan, and I’ve been missing them. :slight_smile:

Yeah, they are sinful… :slight_smile: But I think you will be pleasantly surprised with this company’s offering of chocolates! Please let me know if and when you try them!!! :slight_smile:

Just placed an order - will let you know what I think!


Have they arrived yet? My non diabetic roommate loves them too… :slight_smile:

+1 for PB and chocolate. Last night I dabbled with some Belgium cooking chocolate. I picked it up locally to los angeles at a place called Surfas. heated up 4oz, added 1tbsp PB, 2oz cocoa butter (purchased there as well), lots of splenda / liquid splenda and made some PB cups. The recipe isnt perfected, as the chocolate is a bit bitter, none the less, its a tasty treat and only 2 carbs or so.

I just happen to be heading to LA next week… I’m going to look this place up! Thanks for posting!!!

Sure thing! Please let me know if youd like any restaurant recommendations while in town! =^)

Very cool! I am actually trying to start a vegan type diet… not hardcore because I still plan on eating meat and fish and dairy, just going to keep my diet for the most part vegan like. So what do you recommend? I’ll be in West Hollywood… :slight_smile:

Over in Culver City there is Leaf which is raw and vegan I believe. Damiano Mr Pizza, which is on Fairfax and a block north of 3rd is vegan friendly with soy cheeses. M Cafe (I havent been to the one on Melrose) is fantastic. with all kinds of good food. Have a look through this list as it seems to have a ton of places that look good.

I actually eat low carb, so tend not to eat at these spots anymore. I used to eat from Leaf daily for lunch, and M cafe was a nice lunch spot as well, but again the one in Culver City and not WeHo.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Thanks for the info! I’ll try to check them out.

Kaayle-thanks for the link, Have to definitely try these . thanks

So who all has tried the chocolate from Figis???

Just picked up a can of Emerald brand Cocoa Roast Dark Chocolate Almonds. Emerald isn’t my favorite brand (for some reason they just don’t taste as fresh as other brands to me), however, this isn’t a bad find. Just 1 carb extra in a 1 oz serving over regular dry roasted almonds (6 v. 5) and a bit of chocolatey goodness. It’s not a real strong chocolate flavor, more a hint, but it does satisfy the chocolate urge for me.

I love those!!! Yeah, good call on the Almonds… They do a good job for a quick sweet snack.