Hood Calorie Countdown Milk! Only 5 Carbs!

Im not sure if anyone else has drank this but I would recomend it to ANY diabetic!!! The carb count is excelent. And it actually tastes good its thick like a milkshake and has little to no aftertaste. I like the chocolate but not the regular as much. Has anyone else tried it and what did you think?

Sounds great!.. I’ll look for it!

Couldn’t find the ingredients on the web site, just the nutrition facts. If you’ve got a carton, would you mind listing what’s in it? Thanks.

I tried this long ago, when it first came out. It’s tasty, but it is extremely high in sodium. It is sweetened with sucralose, and somehow they’ve managed to remove a lot of the lactose from the fluid, so it comes out as a lower carb count than plain (unflavored) cow’s milk.

I have found it most often in Walmart!

I drink this stuff like its going out of style you would think I would read the lable once in a while :slight_smile: The ingredients don’t make it sound very good…but take my word if you want chocolate here you go!!!
This is for the Chocolate Milk only.
Water, Ultrafiltered fat free milk, cream, cocoa-(processed with alkali), Natural and Artifical flavors, tricalcium phospate, salt, disodium phospate, mono & diglycerides, carrageen, locust bean gum, sucralose (splenda), acesulfame potassium, Vit.A, Vit D3.