I would like to thank everyone who gave me support on yesterday’s blog post. I know I have to start taking time for myself as well as letting things go when my blood sugar climbs over 120. I am the type of person that will correct a blood sugar of 125. So today I spent from 9 am to about 1 pm working nonstop on homework. Pain was getting bad in foot and instead of ignoring it I took a couple pain pills and I am taking a break until at least 5 from doing homework and then getting back to it. I have to start taking time for me everyday or I am going to make the stress worse. This place is awesome, I always know I can come here and get support when life gets the best of me. I wish I had more money to donate than what I did. I really don’t know what I would do without this place. My parents aren’t really aware of diabetes so I don’t get a lot of family support, my biggest support comes from here and some awesome close friends. In fact, yesterday my best friend and I were at Kmart and they were doing the shoes for diabetes research and he bought one. Everyone here and my best friend are just great support system for me. He took the time to learn about the signs of lows and highs, how to check my sugar, what to do if I am high or low and he even carries glucose tablets with him.
But thanks again everyone for the support yesterday.

I am downloading some classical music to my mp3 player to start listening to. My favorite is Tchaikovsky. I am also working on getting all the Harry Potter books on mp3 and I will take time everyday to listen to one of the other. I know classical music helps calm me down. Once I recover from the foot surgeries I am going to start going back to the gym as when I was working out everyday for an hour I also had less stress, plus it will help my diabetes by working out. I am going to meet with a personal trainer and have them help me put together a program that is not as stressful on my joints as well.

that’s what where here for:)